Spring is here, and moods are instantly lifted. So why not add a little life to your home as well? Celebrate spring with the right home decor. Here are five ideas that will bring spring to you, brightening your home while simultaneously lifting your mood:

Add pops of color in your decor

Nothing says spring more than bright colors, and adding it to your home is an easy way to transition from winter to spring. However, that doesn’t mean repainting your walls meadow green or lavender (unless you want to, of course); instead, simply add a pop of color. It’s an easy solution without sacrificing results and will give your home a fresh, spring look without transforming it into a giant Easter egg. Try adding some bright throw pillows to your living room couch or hang an elaborate picture frame. Here are some examples from HouseBeautiful.

Plants and flowers

SpringWho says spring has to be left outside once you close your front door?  Take a literal approach to spring decor by bringing the outside in. Adding flower arrangements throughout your home will allow you to savor every minute of spring that fades all too quickly. For an extra touch of luxury, add spring flowers to your bedroom and leave your windows open overnight (just a crack does the trick) for fresh air. You’ll think you woke up in your garden the next day. Plus, flowers are another fun way to add your pop of color. Check out proflowers.com for examples.

Prep your porch

Just because you’re outside doesn’t mean you can’t accent its natural beauty by getting into the spring spirit. Redecorate your porch, and put up a giant umbrella in a bright, uplifting color. Not only does it provide shade, which is needed in Arizona, but it also creates a fashionable focal point that can be seen inside the house as well. Then, add smaller, festive items like lawn ornaments and outdoor-friendly kitchen wear. Pier 1 has some great ideas.

Select some trinkets

Some of you may be cringing or rolling your eyes at this, and the idea does usually need to be supervised. Just a few seasonal trinkets can be cute, but because they are so cute, it can be easy to get carried away, and that can get tacky pretty fast. A lot of it depends on personal style as well. If you’re the type that loves an Easter chick on a bright welcome flag hanging on your front door, go for it; but for those of you who think that’s the only way, think again. Try an antique, standing rabbit statue that is festive but subtle, or Pier 1’s hummingbird ornaments that are beautiful and elegant. Want some more ideas? Head back to Pier 1’s website.

Spring in the kitchen

SpringBring spring to your kitchen by placing spring-inspired desserts on display. For example, take symbolic favorites like Peeps or chocolate bunnies and creatively arrange them in a covered glass container or cake stand. Also, try displaying some fancier desserts like spring-colored cupcakes, iced lemon pound cake, petite fours and strawberry shortcake. This will brighten up your kitchen as well as provide your family and friends with yummy treats. For recipe ideas, check out marthastewart.com.