Gates and fences, whether made of wood, steel or other materials, provide security and enclosure to an establishment, such as a house. They also provide aesthetics to any building they enclose. There are a lot of gating and fencing options you can choose from, including the material, colour, design, size and height. Iron gates – paired with brick walls – provide an old-world elegance, while wooden ones exude a homey and relaxed feel.

You can customize the design

Of course, there are already pre-fabricated gates and fences that you can buy for your house. But if you have a specific design in mind, particularly if you are buying wrought iron, you can have the manufacturer fit the gate and fence according to your requirements. You can showcase your taste and personality even before your guests enter your home. You can also add a nameplate on the gate if you want. If you have the money, you can even have an electronic iron gate installed in your home, combining the elegance of iron gates and the modernity of an automated system.


Have you seen the gates and fences at Buckingham Palace and how elegant the entire place looks? If you are into that type of exterior, you can achieve it even if your house is a smaller version of the palace. A meticulously designed gate and fence with perfectly placed accents and ornaments will surely elicit admiration from your neighbors and guests to your house. Gold accents will provide your exterior with unmatched sophistication that can rival that of royal palaces. Besides the exterior, you can also extend the use of wrought iron indoors – on the stairwell, bed frame and other furniture.

Low maintenance

In order to maintain the look of your perimeter fence and gate, they must be of a material that is durable under all types of weather and can withstand years – even decades – of exposure. With proper care and maintenance paired with top quality powder coating, you can expect your wrought iron gate to last a very long time. To maintain the integrity of the paint, wash the iron with mild soap and water at least twice a year. Apply grease on the hinges and joints, so they don’t get cranky. Check it for rust, and if there are some patches, use a fine brush to remove them, followed by mild soap. Dry the areas entirely before applying a rust converter.

Why do you think iron is still the most popular gate and fence material everywhere? Simply because of its durability and strength. It also offers a sense of dominance that can intimidate people who may think of breaking into a home, especially if the perimeter fence has spikes on each column. Besides keeping out humans from unauthorised entry, it keeps stray animals out of the property as well. When animals enter a property, they can destroy gardens and other fixtures, and may even gain access inside the house.