A newly-formed local e-commerce company newACunit.com has announced it is offering customers the opportunity to purchase reduced-price high-quality new air conditioning units online and select an installer from a group of pre-screened licensed professional installers.

The Arizona-based company is the only one of its kind in the country and was created to solve many of the pain points customers traditionally experience when purchasing a new air conditioning unit, such as confusion over makes and models, uncertainty about what is a fair price and who is a trustworthy installer. Buyers also don’t have to deal with any pushy salesmen, can make educated decisions thanks to extremely low prices posted up-front and make the transaction on their own time. And since the equipment is installed by professionals, buyers can rest assured their warranties will be protected.

“I started this company because I saw firsthand the problems and confusion customers were facing when buying a new air conditioning unit,” said Erik Bryan, founder of newACunit.com and owner of Arizona’s top air conditioning contracting company for more than 20 years. “I wanted to provide buyers with another option, where they were empowered to make the best decisions for themselves and their families and they would save a lot of money in the process.”

To make the purchase easy for customers, newACunit.com developed an online platform where buyers can input the information from their current air conditioning units and homes and compare the efficiency of models and the differences in price. From there, they simply place their order and select an installer from one of a handful of vetted professional installers. Every price – from the equipment to the installation fee – is posted up-front and customers can call at any time with questions.

Within a couple of days of ordering, the unit is delivered directly to the selected installer for proper inspection. Thereafter, the installer visits the customer for a walk-through and to ensure the ordered unit is indeed suitable for the home. The installation is then scheduled and completed.

Dozens of customers have used newACunit.com and it is quickly gaining momentum as the weather heats up and summer approaches.

“We had a great experience,” said new customer Erin Granillo. “We have a two story home and bought two units and hope to purchase the third with newACunit.com. We are really happy with the ability to go online and order and the process was so fast, efficient and painless.”