Did you know that employees are 12 percent more productive in happiness-conducive workplaces? Spaces that encourage creativity and teamwork make for dream-work. Is your office decor encouraging productivity?

It’s not just your employees who have to enjoy it. Your customers and clients appreciate entering a bright and positive space, too.

If your office isn’t decorated well now, don’t worry. There are lots of easy things you can do to improve your workplace setting. Keep reading for the best office décor ideas to transform your working environment.

Hang Team Photos

Did you and your team recently try a fun team-building activity? Perhaps you went to an escape room or took a cooking class. Or, maybe you had a work potluck and talent show.

Whenever your team does something together, take pictures.

Hanging photos like these in your office reminds everyone that they’re on a team. They’re working in a welcoming and inclusive environment.

Also, the pictures give employees ownership of the space. They make them feel like they belong there.  

Customers also enjoy seeing team pictures on the walls. It gives them insight into who the company they’re paying is and what they represent.

Add Plants Everywhere

Adding plants and greenery to your office can increase productivity by 15 percent. That’s impressive!

You can cash in on the higher value of work time by putting indoor plants in the office. Give one to each employee for their desk and include them in the shared areas.

Plants are especially important in customer or client waiting areas. They make the space feel calmer and more welcoming.

Where should you get these plants? You can shop for plants online, at the local market, or grow them in your own garden.

Clutter, No More

Clutter and disorganization are bad for employees and for customers. Employees can feel overwhelmed by the mess and thus, be less productive. It can also make them feel less ownership and pride in the workplace.

Customers see clutter as a sign of a disorganized and unreliable business. Who wants to work with a company that blocks every pathway with boxes?

Not to mention the fact that clutter is a health and safety hazard. You could start office fires, develop a pest or rodent problem, or allow mold to grow. If your business gets audited for health and safety, clutter would be a problem.

Either hire a cleaner or start cleaning the office yourself. Work as a team on setting new policies to make the office more organized.

Interested in More Office Décor Ideas?

Your office is your home away from home. Employees should feel happy and comfortable there. Customers should feel welcomed and impressed.

You can step up your office’s impression on everyone with these office décor ideas.

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