ICTech Corporation is pleased to announce the official launch of their Intelli-shade® intelligent interior shading systems. A completely wireless and rechargeable unit, these systems utilize no disposable batteries whatsoever and reduce up to 40% of the heat gain and loss in homes and in residences. These intelligent systems can provide completely automated functionality, as well as respond to voice commands.

Studies have found that in an insulated home, around 20% of heat loss is through the walls and 20% is lost through the roof. The remaining 60% is lost through doors, windows and the floor. But with the right shading system in place, as much as 25% of heat gain and loss can be prevented.

The Intelli-shade is one-of-a-kind and is the result of more than two decades of research, design and testing. Intelli-shades are wireless, connected, smart shades that use the most advanced rechargeable battery technology to provide a very reliable interior window shading solution that results in greatly improved control over heat gain and loss in any home.

Intelli-shade interfaces with today’s most popular voice-enabled technologies—such as Amazon Echo devices —and application software via smartphones, tablets and computers. These intelligent systems can also operate automatically via an astrological timer function that follows the sun’s year-round pattern based on the geographical positioning of the home or residence. Intelli-shade smart shades also provide constant status updates to the user via their smart-enabled device.

“We are thrilled to announce the launch of Intelli-shade,” commented a company spokesperson. “Our advanced, proprietary technology and direct to consumer sales model will provide comfort and convenience to the masses, which until now, was reserved for only the wealthy.”

Intelli-shade embraces a direct to consumer business model that cuts out the middleman and the typical 100% retail markup. The company also offers a shop at home service and warranty plan, along with certified professional installation.

“We can now provide motorization to the masses. And unlike typical direct to consumer e-commerce sites, we provide a shop at home service with unmatched expertise, knowledge and guidance from our highly trained professionals,” a company spokesperson explained.

“These dedicated professionals will provide the consumer with top-notch expertise when it comes to the use of smart products and technology in the smart or connected home, as well as any and all design aspects related to choosing the right shade style, fabric and color for the space.”

Learn more by visiting: www.intelli-shade.net