Buying a new mattress isn’t everyone’s favorite use of their time, especially because it’s such a major decision.

A mattress purchase is based on an entire world of things you wouldn’t expect you’d need to know. The CEO of Arizona-based online mattress retailer and Bed DRS, a brick and mortar retailer, Wes Harrington has a few tips for you to consider before getting the perfect mattress.

“I know there is a huge variety of choices and prices, but there are several easy tricks to make sure you are 100 percent satisfied with your purchase,” Harrington said.

Here are things to keep in mind when buying your new mattress, according to Harrington:

1. Know the “lingo” – There are 3 major types of mattresses: Memory foam, Innerspring, and Adjustable Air. Find out which one works best for you and stick with it.

2. Don’t be shy… test it out! – If possible, lie down on the mattress for at least 15 minutes before buying. Wear comfortable clothes. And make sure your shoes are easy to slip on and off.

3. What is your old bed telling you? – How well-rested are you on your current bed? If you wake up groggy and achy, keep in mind the type of mattress you currently own and consider switching to a different brand or style.

4. Use your bargaining skills – You don’t have to wait for a big sale to get the lowest price. Similar to car lots, mattress stores are constantly trying to get rid of inventory to make space for new products, so they’re often willing to work with your budget

5. Shop online – Don’t want to deal with the in-store process? No problem! Customers can get one online. has a helpful questionnaire to help you make your choice.

6. Check return policies – Make sure you can get a full refund or a credit toward another mattress. Return periods vary significantly depending where you shop.

7. Be patient during the trial period – Once you have your new mattress in your room, give your body ample time to adjust. Harrington suggests sleeping on a new mattress for a few weeks before deciding if it’s a keeper.