Take your backyard and turn it into a refreshing yard of relaxation and tranquility this spring.

Sy Salari, owner of CC Patio, has some advice to give so you can decorate your backyard to fit the new spring 2016 backyard look. He has over 10 years of home building, interior design and landscape design under his belt.

“This year is all about the art of outdoor living, creating an outdoor space that is an extension of your home, personal style and lifestyle,” Salari said.

The popular trend this year is to have furniture that incorporates the colors you have inside your home or outside, Salari said. Rose quartz, and serenity hues (light pink and blue) are some of the popular color themes for a backyard.

“Each color brings a certain tranquility to the environment promoting relaxation and neutrality,” Salari said.

Even though these are popular colors for the springtime, it is still common to see the neutral colors like beige, off-white and gray. All of these options can be complemented with an accessory, like throw pillows, that have a sparkling pop of color.

Keep in mind the shape and texture of the outdoor furniture is just as important as the color. Circular furniture is a popular trend right now. Circular design creates focal points for the backyard, which makes it a perfect open and social environment, Salari said.

The fabric on this outdoor furniture is key. It should be something easy to maintain and something that will withstand the extreme heat here in Arizona. Salari recommends quality materials for outdoors: wrought iron, Sunbrella fabrics and leatherette.

As an extra step to protect outdoor furniture this spring, get furniture covers that will protect from the sun and monsoons. Salari said these can be custom designed to match furniture sets.

“One fabric that is becoming increasingly popular in the design marketplace is micro-fiber outdoor leatherette which is a type of leather that can sustain the natural weather elements and that also looks very chic, smooth and cutting edge due to its stylish aesthetic,” he said.

Additional outdoor accessories like fire pits, daybeds and floating patio furniture are also a trend for this spring. Salari said a fire pit can be a versatile component by not only using it to keep warm, but to use it as a possible table or flower garden during different times of the year.

These backyard makeovers have a variety of price ranges, but it “usually starts at $1,500, and ranges based on customization such as materials, fabrics, size, custom layout and shape, and coordinating accessories selected,” Salari said.

Don’t let the size of your backyard limit the possibilities it has to become a place for socializing and just plain personal comfort and expression. Any backyard can be transformed to the new springtime feel.