You’ve been scrubbing away at your toilet for hours and it won’t come clean. Guests are going to be coming over soon and you don’t want them to have to deal with a gross toilet. It may be time that you replace it.

Overtime toilets develop little scratches. Dirt and other debris get trapped in these scratches and make the toilet hard to clean. This isn’t the only reason to toss an old toilet.

There are many other reasons just like there are some instances where you should simply repair it. When do you replace a toilet and when do you repair though? 

We’re here to tell you the difference. Keep reading for a complete guide.

1. When Can You Repair Your Toilet 

There are several common issues that pop up now and again with any toilet. Even one that is only a few years old. When these problems occur, you can repair your toilet rather than throw it out. 

The Toilet is Running 

When your toilet is running, water from your tank is constantly going into your bowl. This problem can be pretty annoying because it causes your toilet to make a loud noise. 

To fix this problem you’re going to test the flapper. Push down on it until the water stops.

If this works and the water does stop then it means that the flapper isn’t doing its job. You’ll have to replace it to fix the toilet. 

It Won’t Flush 

When your toilet won’t flush things can get pretty gross fast. You may start to panic get ready to look around for new toilets but take a deep breath. This is a pretty common problem that could mean a variety of things. 

You could have a simple clog, your flapper could be broken, You could have a faulty lift chain, or there’s not enough water in the tank. Whatever the reason, you should be able to call someone in to fix the issue or even fix it yourself. 

The Water Level is Low 

Unless the low water level is accompanied by water surrounding your toilet, you should be able to have this issue fixed easy. Most of the time the low water level means that you have a clog of some kind. 

If it’s not a clog, then the tanks shut off valve could have gotten turned off by accident. It’s a simple fix. 

2. When You Should Replace Your Toilet 

There are some not so easy fixes that will cause you to have to replace a toilet. Like our scratches example back at the beginning. Here are a few more factors that will cause you to have to toss your toilet. 

It Needs Repairs Too Often 

Having to repair little issues in your toilet is fine until they start happening all of the time. Even small repairs can be costly when you’re having to get them done once or twice a month. 

Weigh the cost of repairs vs just throwing in the towel and getting a new toilet. This will save you tons of money in the long run. 

It Clogs too Frequently 

If you have an older toilet then chances are it’s a low-flush one. These toilets usually need more than one flush and they also clog often. It can be a pain to have to plunge your toilet every few uses. 

The only good thing about low flush toilets is the fact that they save water. The good news is that low flush toilets have improved since their older models. The new line of them isn’t as faulty. 

There is a Crack in the Porcelain

Over time cracks can form either in the toilet bowl or in the tank. These tiny cracks can turn into a huge problem later. They signify that either a leak is currently happening or that one will happen soon. 

So when you clean your toilet always looks for cracks. If you spot one, it’s a good idea to replace your toilet before it breaks. Your floor will thank you. 

Keep in mind that if you spot a crack in the toilet bowl you won’t have to get it replaced as soon. You should keep an eye on it though. Make sure the water isn’t leaking when you flush. 

There are Scratches 

Again, if there are a bunch of scratches on or in your toilet it can be hard to clean it. That could be embarrassing when you have guests over. 

So, if you feel like you’re developing a bad back from bending over to clean the toilet so much, save yourself the extra maintenance. look into a toilet replacement.  

You Want to Save Money 

Do you not have a low flush toilet yet? If not, it may be worth it to toss your 3 or 5-gallon flush toilet in favor of a low flush. These toilets use less than 2-gallons of water per flush. 

You’ll be able to save on water which helps the environment and your wallet at the same time. It’s a win-win. 

Repair or Replace a Toilet: That is the Question

Repair or replace a toilet? There are many little issues that can be repaired but these tiny repairs can add up. You may be able to save more money by replacing it if it breaks more than a few times a month. 

It helps if you familiarize yourself with the different issues that arise with toilets. This is the only way to know what problem calls for what action. Don’t let your house go without a toilet. 

The toilet isn’t the only appliance in your home that may break down. Visit our website daily for more articles like this one so you can decide if you want to repair or replace.