Founded in 2023, Cameron Custom Homes & Renovations is a new name in luxury homebuilding, built upon a proud foundation of award-winning homes that stretch back across three generations and 50+ years here in the Valley. Led by Cameron “Cammie” Beckert, Cameron Custom is a full-service custom home and renovation company founded by the family behind Camelot Homes, Arizona’s most awarded luxury homebuilder.  Cameron Custom was launched due to interests by Camelot Homeowner’s and fans alike and Camelot’s desire to provide a truly custom experience. 

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“Over my decades at Camelot we have built many custom homes and have understood the energy and attention required to deliver a best-in-class experience,” Beckert says. “As Camelot continued to draw attention for its award-winning innovative designs, inquires for customs and high-end renovations continued to grow. Starting three years ago, I committed to the concept of Cameron Custom and began cultivating an all-star team to incorporate the time-tested techniques and craftsmanship we’d perfected at Camelot, but dedicated solely to customs and renovations.”

Most important, Cameron Custom reflects the new reality of today’s real estate market, Beckert says. “Long gone are the days of wide-open tracts of land, close by, and ready to transform into new neighborhoods. In fact, highly desirable areas such as Paradise Valley, Arcadia and central Scottsdale are all but built out, meaning if you want to build something often your best bet is infill, either renovating an existing but outdated home, or clearing the lot and starting anew.”

No wonder why AZ Big Media recently reported that the outlook for the Valley’s custom home builders remains bright, with growth expected to continue for the next two years and beyond, with most listing the availability of premium lots being a bigger concern than a lack of demand.

“Today’s luxury buyer often wants something turn-key, in the most desirable and well-established neighborhoods Greater Phoenix has to offer,” Beckert says. “Infill custom builds and remodels will drive the market over the next few years, and we’re excited to bring our institutional knowledge of large-scale, ultra-premium architecture, design and build to the most discerning clientele in the state.” This stand-alone company has two-dozen projects in the pipeline for 2023, with four multi-million-dollar luxury estates now under construction throughout Paradise Valley and North Scottsdale. Custom builds start at $4M, while remodels start in the low $1Ms. 

Existing homeowners and new buyers alike will experience the next level of customization with Cameron Custom, driven by their 5500 sq. ft. Design Center in Scottsdale. The sprawling showroom allows for a white-glove approach to selecting every surface, touchpoint, appliance, and finish, allowing for a truly bespoke experience. 

As one of the few female-led full-service homebuilding companies in Arizona, Cameron Custom proudly carries on a family legacy first started in 1969. That’s when Cammie’s grandfather became one of the first licensed contractors in the state of Arizona, and her grandmother broke down barriers as one of the first female executives in the local construction industry. Today, Cammie carries on this multi-generational tradition of handcrafting iconic homes rooted in the community and focused on family. Surrounded by a team of industry pros, Cammie collaborates with award-winning architects, interior designers and landscape visionaries, drawing on long-term relationships, construction savvy and a deep local knowledge to guide you on your journey to create, or revitalize, your ideal home.

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