Summit Welding: Make Your Home Beautiful Inside And Out

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Impress your guests with iron work creations before they even step foot inside your home — with Summit Welding.

Works of art no longer need to be confined to the walls inside your home. Why not create a beautiful atmosphere for your guests beginning with the front gate? One Valley business believes that creating your dream home starts from the outside.

Originally from California, Summit Welding has been in business for more than eight years. This welding company not only provides custom iron doors, but they also specialize in railings, gates and balconies, all crafted with careful attention to detail.

An gated entrance door by Francisco Gonzalez, Summit Welding

Owner of Summit Welding, Francisco Gonzalez, believes in showing people excellent craftsmanship with iron creations that are truly works of art. They make sure that the home’s theme is carried throughout and that their work transitions smoothly from the front door, to the main stairs, to the balcony.

Over the years, this small business has grown due to its determination to succeed and its quality services. Gonzalez says he enjoys working in the welding business because he feels that it’s his calling.

Regarding the company’s move from California to Arizona, Gonzalez says they were met with a few challenges. While some were expected, what his company wasn’t prepared for was the difference in what customers wanted.

“California has a different style than Arizona,” he says. According to Gonzalez, California is more laid-back, and home decor trends are typically inspired by the coast. Arizona, being a desert state, has customers wanting a more antique, rustic and “wild-west” look for their homes.

He surpassed this obstacle by showing what his company could do “not with words but with actions” and quickly adapted to the new demand. With this kind of mindset, he says he managed to make his welding work more rustic in appearance, which is now a trademark of his company.

An iron back door by Francisco Gonzalez, Summit WeldingThe style of Summit Welding’s doors include Italian (composed of intricate designs), Mexican (consisting of natural materials and textures), rustic (usually more prominent in the Southwest and may sometimes involve wood) and contemporary. Gonzalez explains that there are different materials used for his doors, some are higher quality and heavier than others. For example, forged metal is the most difficult and time-consuming to work with. It has to be heated up with a fire then shaped with a hammer.

In his shop, Gonzalez works on creating new designs with wrought iron. His artistic innovation means the company never runs out of ideas or designs for their iron creations.

Gonzalez says the company’s hard work, innovation and integrity has definitely set them apart from the rest. Summit Welding’s biggest project to date has been in Fountain Hills. They were in charge of designing the entire iron work for a new two story house, including the handrails, the entrance door, the three balconies and the entire fencing around the property.

For other small businesses out there, Gonzalez’s No. 1 tip is to “be honest.” This includes honesty in the pricing of the product as well as the deadline for its completion. He says they are both equally as important.

“You want the customer to trust you because then they will come back a second time,” he says.

An iron fence by Francisco Gonzalez, Summit Welding

Also according to Gonzalez, it is important not to be afraid of networking. Gonzalez shared that he had various friends in the construction business that would refer his iron work to their customers.

“Do the best job you can do in every single project, even the smallest one,” he adds.

Summit Welding’s future goal is to continue creating unique welding creations, especially iron doors, that satisfy its customers and impress its competition.

“I like knowing that my creations are making people happy,” Gonzalez says.

For more information about Summit Welding, give them a call at (602) 318-2264.

Summit Welding
2213 N. 35th Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85009

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