If you ask anyone: “What is the most important thing in life”, a grand majority will answer: “To be happy!” You might not know this, but people with fireplaces are happier. In a survey on happiness, 98% of people owning a fireplace answered yes to the question: “Is everything in your life good at this moment?”

compared to only 87% of those without one. Of course, happiness is not the only important thing in life. There are also very concrete advantages to owning a gas fireplace. Here are some of them as well as information on how to maintain it in good running order, so you can enjoy it for a very long time.

Some of its advantages

It is well known that adding a gas fireplace in your home will help you save on your energy bill and that it will add comfort and coziness to your house, even in summer. One thing that is often forgotten though, is that it will also increase the resell value of your property. Therefore, a gas fireplace is a sound investment.

In today’s world, most of us are concerned about the environment. Gas fireplaces are a good way to protect it, since it releases no fumes into the air. Also, gas is a natural resource which there is plenty of and is easily acquired.

You may ask “Why use gas instead of wood?” There are a few pluses when it comes to the comparison between the two. First of all, the gas fireplace provides constant and stable heating, something you cannot control when using logs. Secondly, you won’t have to exert yourself by chopping wood, while at the same time, you’ll be protecting the environment by saving trees from being cut in the forest. Furthermore, it is really easy to turn on and off, through the flip of a switch, unlike the other one which takes time to fire up. Finally, you won’t have to clean the fireplace regularly, as you would with one using wood.

Maintaining your gas fireplace

There are two ways to do the maintenance of your gas fireplace. You can either hire a maintenance engineer or do it yourself. In the first case, a technician will pass by your place, once a year, to check every element inside. He will also clean it entirely, replace the batteries and make sure the thermocouple is in good working order. Most of this, you can do by yourself. But if you choose to do so, keep in mind to change the batteries regularly.

Note that the fireplace may only be opened by a service technician. Also the thermocouple etc. may only be adjusted by a technician. The customer can only clean the glass and replace the batteries.