Maintaining a properly functioning plumbing system involves taking care of various aspects, including scheduling regular drain cleaning. When was the last time you thought about the condition of your home’s drainage system? There’s a good chance you rarely think about your drain lines, which is a normal thing among homeowners. However, neglecting your drainage system is a sure way to put a dent in your wallet.

In this article, Rooter Man Plumbing of Los Angeles outlines the top benefits of regular drain cleaning by professional plumbers.

Reduce the Risk of Water Damage

When wastewater can’t flow freely through the drainpipes, it will only back up into your home. You can end up with a water damage disaster if this happens when you’re away from home. Water damage restoration can be a costly fix, running into thousands of dollars. If you experience a sewage backup in your home, stop using water and call a professional plumber in Studio City to clear the blockage effectively. Once the backup is addressed, consider scheduling regular professional drain cleaning to prevent future problems.

Prevent Blockages and Clogs

Over time, grease, food waste, soap scum, and non-biodegradable items can build up in drains. Although drain strainers can block large debris from going down the drain, they won’t stop everything. Some debris can still slip through. If you don’t clean out your drains regularly, gunk and debris can completely block your drains. It’s advisable to run hot water down your drains on a regular basis to wash away any lingering debris. For extra prevention, ensure you schedule professional drain cleaning with a dependable plumbing service. Professional plumbers can clear deep-seated clogs and ensure your drains are functioning optimally.

Prevent Foul Odors

Foul odors emanating from your drains are a sure sign that something unpleasant is lurking within your pipes. Some of the common culprits behind smelly drains include food scraps, a dried-out P-trap, venting problems, and sewer line clogs. Having a professional plumber in Studio City clean out your drains will help you eliminate unpleasant odors and ensure your drains function properly. Do not be tempted to flush your drains with chemical drain cleaners like Liquid Drano. Chemical drain cleaners can accelerate drain line corrosion and may not fix the problem. Instead of relying on quick fixes that will waste your money, hire a qualified plumber in Studio City to perform professional drain cleaning.

Extend the Lifespan of Drain Lines

Professional drain cleaning is an essential part of drain line maintenance. It’s easy to neglect your drain lines because they are out of sight. However, neglected drain lines will age faster because of the additional strain on the pipes. That means you’ll spend thousands of dollars on drain line replacement down the road. You can prolong the lifespan of your drain lines and save money in the long run.

Cost Savings

Proactive plumbing maintenance prevents the need for emergency repairs and replacements. The cost of cleaning your drains is minimal compared to the expenses associated with backups and water damage. By staying on top of regular drain cleaning, you can actually save more money in the long run. Professional plumbers have access to advanced tools and equipment to provide top-notch drain cleaning services. Before getting started, they will use video inspection cameras to see the condition of the pipes and pinpoint the exact location of the clog.

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