As children grow up, they want to become independent. This means they suddenly want to make a firm decision about things, i.e., what they wear, how they do their hair, and most of all, what their room looks like. Allowing them to take control of these areas of their lives can help them on their way to becoming more independent, but at the same time, it can be a hassle.

Does your daughter want bright pink walls in her room? That is going to take at least three coats of paint to cover over if she grows out of it. Kids like kid things, but you don’t have to say no just because you want to invest in the more enduring design elements for your home.

To help your kids express themselves without any stress, follow our tips on designing a kid’s room:

DIY Their Bed Design Dreams

Beds and mattresses are not something you will want to buy every day. Unfortunately, kids will still be seeing things like racecar bedframes or princess canopies and want them for their own room.

1. How to Create a Themed Bed

Instead of going all out and buying an expensive frame, make one. Get some cardboard and trace out a simple design when they want a unique bed frame. This way, they can get involved, the whole family can have a lot of fun making it, and when they inevitably grow out of it, you can simply recycle it.

2. How to Create a Bed Canopy

Canopies are equally easy to make by going to the fabric shop and picking up an embroidery loom and some tulle fabric.

The point is, there is likely an easy way to craft what your kids want yourself, and at a fraction of the cost. Do it together, and they learn valuable lessons, and you can spend some time together.

How to Keep Up With Their Wall Aspirations

The wall demands to be painted, but painting it bright, vivid colors only means more work further down the line. To keep things easy, try out these ideas instead:

1. Add Clever Wall Art

Rather than painting a mural (which, on your own, could be a huge botch job, or if paid for, will be expensive) skip it all and add fun wall art and decals. There are so many kid-friendly wall art decals on  that you and your kids are sure to find something amazing to add to their room’s design.

2. Create Posters to Hang

Rather than have the whole room a bright color that will take a lot of paint to cover over, create a poster! These can be as easy as a simple set of square color sets, or you can have a big day and challenge your kid to create something using just that shade of blue or pink.

They’ll have the color that they want in their room, and you can easily take it down when they either want something else or if you move.

These ideas are great regardless of whether you are renting or simply want to spare yourself the effort and headache of painting over and covering all your kids’ wild childhood design ideas.