Bathroom cleaning can be challenging as it requires something stronger than soap and water. When cleaning the bathroom, anyone is tasked with the responsibility of killing germs and bacteria. NW Maids Cleaning Service said, Learn the proper way of cleaning and disinfecting these common household items. The use of chemical products has proved effective so far but it comes with several adverse side effects that can harm you and your family. Green cleaning products, however, are an excellent way to clean your bathroom and home both safe. Green cleaners are not just environmentally friendly, they are quite inexpensive than chemical cleaning products. If you want to clean your bathroom with healthy cleaning solutions, then you are in luck to be reading this article. We have taken the time to outline six tips for green cleaning in the bathroom. They are:

Use mildew cleaners

Mildew is commonly seen in the bathroom. Applying white vinegar, baking soda, or borax can erase surface mildew spots. You can add ½ cup soap to remove mildew from shower curtains. Mix salt and lemon juice or vinegar to clean grout.

Adopt insect repellents

Mosquitoes and flies are common insects that breed in the bathroom. During the rainy season, their numbers increase. One good way to get rid of insects in your bathroom is to apply essential oils that have insect-repelling qualities. A mixture of patchouli and citronella oils is a great combination.

Consider recycling objects for use within the bathroom space

Protecting the earth begins with you. Instead of disposing of objects, there are ideas to recycle them and use within the bathroom space. Recycling old objects can also be a great way to save money.

Avoid antibacterial products altogether

Antibacterial products are expensive and not any better at killing germs than green cleaners. Why spend more on something that has harmful effects when a cheaper alternative [green cleaning products] is on hand? Vinegar, baking soda, etc. are biodegradable cleaners that are as effective but not as harmful as antibacterial products.

Remove tough stains with borax

Using green products can keep your toilet sparkling clean. Mix baking soda and vinegar in the toilet bowl and scrub with a toilet brush. For tough stains, apply a paste of borax and lemon juice on the toilet seat for about 2 hours then scrub with a scouring brush.


What better way to replace bad smells from the bathroom than using green products with scent properties. Baking soda is a great talc powder that neutralises smells and will keep your bathroom fresh and dry all day. Mix with water and sprinkle around your bathroom space to see the wonder of this solution.

Replace bleach with vinegar

Vinegar is an extremely cheap and effective alternative to bleach. Bleach is composed of chemical products that can be harmful to your health. Mix vinegar with a little warm water to clean every part of your bathroom, including the floor. Vinegar concentration is too strong and can produce an unpleasant smell; however, you can add a bit of lemon juice to reduce the concentration and smell.

Switching to green cleaning solutions is the best way to protect the earth and the overall health of your children and other family members. If you choose to hire the services of a professional cleaner, then be ready to get served with environmentally-friendly cleaning solutions.