Tips for home renovations in the desert heat

Lifestyle | 22 May, 2018 |

Summer is a time to kick back, relax, and adore all the comforts of home. Decorating for the summer could be as easy as adding a couple new bright throw pillows here and there for a pop of color, new window treatments or this might be the year you make the big decision to renovate the master bedroom and bath. 

Since there is no escaping the summer heat in the Valley and some might question what home transformations they should and shouldn’t do during these triple-digit temperatures.

Whether you’re in for a gut renovation or the long haul with building your dream home, there are a lot of parts to consider, like the season and how it affects different materials. For example, if you decide to start a new project in the summer, the heat can potentially warp the wood or it could become waterlogged during monsoon season.

The tips below from Erik Tinker, founder of Tinker Development, are a guideline for summertime home makeover projects.

• The extreme heat can weaken the strength of concrete, bricks can dry out which decrease the ability to adhere to mortar paste, and paint can become cracked, blistered or discolored.

• July through September is a great time frame to tackle indoor renovations like your kitchen or bedroom.

• Redoing your roof is best towards the end of summer going into the fall season because the materials need high temperature and dry weather to seal properly. You will usually see a slight dip in the price at that time as well.

• Summer is a great time to start planning new home construction and create blueprints, so when the temperatures drop in the fall you are ready to break ground.

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