In summer there is no outdoor without a good umbrella. The pool and sunbathing chairs you have install will be useless if they burn like a pan when you want to use them. If you have investigated a little you will see that not all umbrellas are the same, they depend on the space you have, the style and especially the need for the shadow that your project has. You can also buy a restaurant patio umbrella with a logo if you want to take advantage of the good weather and give your customers a nice environment to sit in.


Of all types of umbrellas in this guide, the central stick umbrella is the most iconic of all. The name “central stick umbrella” already gives a hint of the type of umbrella we are talking about. The cover has radial symmetry with axis in the umbrella stick. This type of umbrella is perfect to define different rest areas spread over a large space, for example creating islands with sun loungers around a pool.


The type of fixed side-stick umbrella is also very widespread, especially in hotels and restaurants, since it is a very good solution for passing areas where the central stick can be an obstacle. This type of umbrella is highly recommended for projects in which it is necessary to separate the roof completely from the structure.


The retractable side stick provides a plus of functionality to this type of umbrellas that can be intuited by its name. In addition to all the features that we have mentioned that the side stick umbrellas have, (they do not hinder the passage under them and can easily disassemble the cover), the patio umbrellas with a retractable stick can be opened or closed depending on the conditions of the environment.


The multiples are umbrellas that mount more than one cover around a central pole. They are a very good solution to generate a large shadow surface with a single structural pole. Has several models of this type, depending on the number of umbrellas with the same quality and durability as the other products in its catalog?


They are a hybrid that includes the versatility of standard umbrellas and offset patio umbrellas, with the size of a pergola. They are the ones that can cover more surface by their structure that also does not prevent the passage of users. In the catalog, there are several systems that are based on this type of patio umbrella, modular designed to protect large areas in restaurants or hotel exteriors from the Sun.

A wooden or aluminum patio umbrella is perfect for shade in the terrace or in the garden.

Important features

1. Types; straight, orientable, eccentric

2. Structure material

3. Tissue

4. Base or foot

5. Clamping

Types of patio umbrella:

To meet your expectations and respond to different types of spaces, there are three types of umbrellas and umbrellas.

Fixed patio umbrella

The classic patio umbrella or beach umbrella and pool with straight and fixed mast, made of aluminum or wood, and round, square or rectangular fabric shape. It is available in different colors and sizes to be able to take it to the beach or leave it on the terrace. Usually, the sun visor fabric is made of polyester and is secured with steel, aluminum or wood rods. Those rods are what hold the canvas fabric.

The adjustable patio umbrella

The adjustable patio umbrella meets the same criteria as its brother cousin, the fixed patio umbrella, but it has a removable mast, which can be oriented to protect you from the sun at all times of the day. Thanks to a kneecap (mechanical part), located at the top, the fabric can be oriented according to the position of the sun. You will be protected all day long in the blink of an eye.

The eccentric patio umbrella

It is not placed in the center of the table but on one side. It is adjustable and adjustable thanks to a sliding part that rotates on the axis of the mast, and its crank. The eccentric patio umbrella can deploy a canvas between 3 and 4 meters in length. The materials are the same as those of the adjustable sun visor, however, the structure is designed mainly of aluminum, since it resists without any type of treatment, in bad weather conditions. Similarly, the polyester canvas is held by 6 or 8 steel rods, depending on the diameter.

How to choose the patio umbrella base?

As important as the sun visor is a good base. For the choice of the patio umbrella’s foot there are two fundamental aspects to consider:

1. The diameter must correspond to that of the structure

2. The weight is established based on the structure and dimensions of the patio umbrella

Knowing this, the base of the wooden, plastic or resin patio umbrella to fill with water or sand (ballast) will be sufficient for a round or straight patio umbrella of small dimensions. But for umbrellas XXL rectangular or eccentric, they are preferable to concrete bases, of cast iron or granite. As for the shape, it will depend on your tastes. The rectangular cloth covers a larger area and at the same time offer good stability against the wind thanks to the right mast.

Patio umbrella fabric

To choose the most suitable patio umbrella fabric, it is necessary to take into account its material and density. Each material has properties that make it more or less indicated for each place and level of use:

Polyester is the most common and is often waterproof. Dark colors tend to fade, so you should fold the sun visor at the time you will not use it, even protect it with a cover.

Acrylic canvas is more expensive, but of better quality. They are usually anti-stain, water repellent or oleo phobic fabrics. If you have a mildew treatment, the colors better resist deterioration due to the use or passage of time and keep the fresh better.

The density

From the same canvas material, we can find different densities. The density of the fabric is calculated based on its weight per m². There are no specific rules, but the thicker the fabric, the better protected you will be from the sun’s rays. In addition to the weight, the patio umbrella descriptive sheet should mention the UVI index – ultraviolet index – take into account the following:

For those who do not like the classic too much, there are less common, but very original, patio umbrella and umbrella models. The patio umbrella that is fixed to the wall is perfect if you have a terrace with little space. There are also patio umbrellas for balconies that are fixed to the floor and ceiling thanks to a suction cup bar.

Bamboo patio umbrella

The canvases are not far behind either. You have those that imitate raffia, banana leaves or octagonal shapes with Asian motifs; the most if you want to add a deco touch to your garden. Last tips for you to buy the perfect sun visor. The patio umbrellas or umbrellas with a round canvas protect only small surfaces, they are ideal for your terrace or balcony.

In winter, keep your patio umbrella in a dry place and if you can’t keep it inside, think about protecting it with a cover, also called winter protective cover.


A patio umbrella is a true decoration element that is chosen according to the garden furniture and the swing. The summer piece par excellence, your terrace is prepared with pleasure to achieve greater comfort and functionality. Sail awning, ambient lighting, burlap, pergola… make your garden a haven of peace to put you in the shade. Normally, eccentric patio umbrellas are designed with a cross-shaped foot to ensure stability. In that case, you can ballast the four feet with concrete, artificial stone or refillable resin slabs. And if you want to fix the foot with studs or threaded rods, there are holes to make this type of fixing possible.