The housing market is making a comeback and flourishing throughout the country. The same is true in the Phoenix metro area. forecasts that the Phoenix housing market will lead the nation in 2017 in pricing gains. The strong housing market will lead to many homeowners making the decision to sell their homes.

There are many items homeowners should take into consideration when preparing to list a home for sale. One key item often overlooked is the condition of their roof. Knowing the condition of a roof, and taking steps to ensure it is in serviceable condition prior to listing a property will reduce the chance of setbacks in the process of selling a home. Below are four solutions homeowners can take advantage of to get the most value from their roof.

1. Be proactive

If you are thinking of selling your home, be proactive and have your roof checked. A trusted roofer can let you know of any concerns that may exist with your roof. Heat, the sun’s ultra-violet rays, rain and wind can all damage a roof. By getting a roof assessment prior to putting your house up for sale, you’ll know if you need to address any issues or if you have the “ok” from your roofer. Keep in mind that having a warranty on your roof can be a bonus point in negotiating the sale of your home. Your home’s value will increase and your selling process could go much smoother.

2. Understand Curb Appeal

A roof can add or detract from a homes’ curb appeal. You may not have control over the configuration of your roof, but in many cases you have control over the color, material types and appearance of your roof. These can be factors in the sale of your home. The color and style of shingles, the color and type of metal, the color and type of flat roof material and coatings can all affect the aesthetic appeal of your home. Although it may not be cost effective to change your roof, there are other things that can help your home be attractive to buyers. Paint colors and modest landscaping changes may improve the curb appeal of your home.

3. Recently serviced & maintained

A roof that has been recently serviced and worked on, especially with a warranty, is more attractive to a homebuyer. Moving into a house with minimal or no maintenance issues is a buyer’s dream come true. Having any necessary roof concerns addressed prior to listing your home will set your house apart from competing homes. Waiting until an offer is received to address roof concerns may result in unnecessary closing delays, since it can take awhile for a roofer to schedule any needed work. Excessive delays might cause your potential buyer to back out or make what could be a quick sale turn into a nightmare. Catch the prospective buyer’s attention with a newly serviced roof.

4. Be ahead of the game

Being one step in front of other home sellers is crucial. Set up your home for success by staying ahead of the game with the condition of your home. Getting your roof inspected and repaired before starting the selling process will remove one source of potential closing delays. This is also a good way to avoid other obstacles that could arise from not taking the initiative and decrease the time that needs to be spent on a home inspection.

For homeowners and future buyers who are interested in taking advantage of Phoenix’s amazing housing market, now is the time to start the home selling/buying process. This is a great opportunity for home sellers to be proactive and get their roof — a very valuable aspect of the home — inspected and serviced as needed to prevent sale obstacles and make their home more attractive to potential buyers.