Spring is here and that means many homeowners are looking to upgrade and freshen up their home and living space. Spring remodels are popular in Arizona because the beautiful desert weather in March and April has homeowners thinking about how they can give their space a new look they can better enjoy. As a Realtor and leader of a top-producing real estate agent team, I know from experience that the Spring season is a great time to remodel your home whether you want to improve the inside or outside of your living space. There is something for every homeowner to upgrade this Spring that will make your home nicer to live in and help you sell your home in the future.

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Quartz Countertops are a versatile option

Quartz remains a popular option for kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room countertops this Spring. Quartz slabs are much more affordable these days, they are easy to maintain and most importantly they are manmade and predesigned so you can manage your remodel around the design of the quartz you pick. Bright and beautiful quartz countertops are a popular Spring upgrade for homeowners because they can significantly change the look of your home without spending like you changed your kitchen significantly.

Outdoor Kitchens rivaling indoor kitchens

Lovely weather means more time spent in your backyard, and when you start spending more time in your backyard you start thinking about ways to improve it so you can spend more time outside. Outdoor kitchens are one of the most popular Spring upgrades sought by Arizona homeowners.

Tom Smith is the owner of landscape design company Desert Designer Landscape and Development in Tempe. He said outdoor kitchens have been a must-have for homeowners looking to capitalize on great weather for hosting parties.

“Homeowners are going all out with their outdoor kitchen designs,” Smith said. “I am talking about large six burner grills, ice chests, and fridges for drinks, as well as big countertops and stools for lots of seating.”

Tom went on to say that homeowners are looking for this large space so everyone at the party can congregate in this beautiful outdoor space the entire time they are over.

It is a general rule of thumb that outdoor additions don’t usually add much to your home value. However, an exception can be made for a nice outdoor kitchen. Many of these outdoor kitchens rival the quality of indoor kitchens. An outdoor kitchen with the same functionality as an indoor kitchen is going to be an attractive addition for any prospective buyer.

Misters and shade to keep the outdoor party going

Enjoying your outdoor space during perfect Spring weather is an amazing feeling, but a nice Spring leads to a hot Arizona summer which makes outdoor spaces less comfortable to be in. Spring is the perfect time for homeowners to add heat-mitigating additions such as a misting system shade sail, or aluminum awning.

“A misting system and additional shade is going to help you extend that backyard party into summer,” Smith said. “They make it so you can be comfortable in your backyard all year around.”

Versatile backsplash

Nothing makes your home standout for less money than a simple backsplash design in the kitchen or bathroom, according to Mike Gillis, owner of Sun City home remodeling company Renewed Life Properties.

“A simple and bright backsplash can bring a lot of color into your home while costing you very little money,” Gillis said. “The best part is you can use that backsplash in the kitchen, bathroom, or outside. It is a versatile upgrade that can make any part of your home look better when applied correctly.”

A good backsplash ties the entire home together.

Spring is a great time to upgrade your home; there are plenty of options for every homeowner. Take the start of a new season to consider how your home can better meet your needs this Spring.

Author: Rebecca Hidalgo Rains is the CEO/Managing Broker for Integrity All Stars Realty in Chandler. Rains is an expert in Phoenix real estate with over 30 years of experience helping Arizonans find their dream homes.