We understand that traveling can be a stressful affair whether it is for work or fun.

After all, your normal routine gets disrupted and this further adds to the degree of stress. If you are a novice entrant in the field of Keto, then selecting the right meal plan might seem like a daunting task.

But in reality, it doesn’t need to be so stressful.

Today we are going to walk you through some low-carb keto snacks which can have your back while on the move.

Plan Out The Keto Snacks

Finding keto snacks will not be a problem if you are vacationing in a city.

Certain fancier restaurants can even prepare a special meal for you on being informed in advance. Whatever be the case, it is always better to plan in advance and carry along some keto-friendly snacks for your upcoming trip. But for doing this, you should stick to non-perishable snacks as they can be stored over a longer time span.

You can take your pick among nuts, veggie sticks, low-carb crackers, parmesan cheese strips and jerky which are well suited for road trips and long flights.

Peanuts often come coated in hydrogenated oils and sugar which might derail you from your ultimate health objectives.

People travelling by car can carry snacks like string cheese, tuna salad, beef jerky, chicken salad and MCT oil powder for being added to coffee or water. Fitness aficionados can carry keto green powder or keto pre workout supplements for amplifying their workouts even on vacations.

Most of these stuff can also be purchased at the airport although it comes with a hefty price tag.

Talk To The Resort and Restaurants In Advance

The hospitality sector understands the changing meal requirements of health-conscious people and try their best to accommodate the same. But before leaving on a trip, it is best to look up the restaurant menu online of the places you are planning on visiting.

While this might seem like a lot of work, it can actually help you keep your options open so that you can make the most of your holiday in a stress-free manner.

Restaurants usually offer nutritional information of their menus in various online portals.

Making a reservation well in advance can guarantee you an excellent experience. But for being extra sure, you can call them up and discuss your food preference so that they can accommodate the same in the best possible way.

Some popular restaurant dishes which you can attune to your keto-friendly needs are:

• Chicken sandwich or beef burger with cheese, mayo, mustard and onions but without the bread. You can even ask for a side salad to satiate your appetite.

• Chicken or beef fajitas topped with cheese and avocado without the tortillas.

• Replace fries or rice side dishes with grilled or stir-fried veggies.

• Pot roast with a side salad and grilled keto veggies.

Hotel breakfast is usually over a wholesome menu consisting of cereal, waffles, oatmeal, sausage, bacon and eggs. If the hotel you are staying in doesn’t offer keto-friendly meals, then you can speak with the staff and inquire about food joints which provide similar menus.

While at buffets, it is advisable to stick to leafy green salads with nuts, eggs, meats and oil for dressing.

You can also choose from seafood buffets which offer ample options that can be dressed with ample amounts of butter for a delicious meal.

At cafes and diners, you can look for a breakfast platter with bacon or ham, eggs, keto veggies like onion or pepper, butter and cheese.

Backpackers travelling on a budget can order an omelette with cheese and meat. Coffee lovers are advised to stick to the black variants.

Cook Your Own Meals

Most hotel rooms are equipped with a small refrigerator while some even come with a complete kitchen setup.

This can serve as a blessing for keto enthusiasts as they can shop fresh food options locally from grocery stores or farmers markets and cook up delicious and nutritious meals.


While it might be difficult to continue with your Keto diet while on a vacation, it is not completely impossible.

You might have to compromise on the quality of your food and also its quantity.

Balance is the key to attaining success in every field of life and while on a vacation, your main priority should be to enjoy yourself. Sticking to the above-mentioned tips can keep control over your level of blood sugar for tagging a feel-good factor while shedding pounds.