Fitness is like fashion; it changes with the times and our society. It has also improved with the times because there is a variety of information at our disposal now. It is a lot easier to improve your general health and fitness.

With many apps that can FitTrack your movements. This has become a good way to access information that can help you have the knowledge you need in maintaining a much fitter lifestyle. You can look at how much movement you are doing and what calories are being used.

Fitness has changed in the last 50 years dramatically in some ways, especially when it comes to your diet, what foods are good for you and what you should also avoid in getting your healthier fitter way of life. Choosing to sign up for a team improves many aspects of your life.

What is the connection between fitness and apps?

50 years ago many people didn’t have the information they needed to have an all round good knowledge of fitness. Before most people just assumed that if you played a sport that this was enough to get your body fit.

Our knowledge of what sport was correct in benefitting your fitness was very limited. Nowadays, the knowledge that’s provided isn’t just available at your local sports gym.

Many of you now have access to smartphones or devices, that with a few simple moves you can download applications to help with your fitness. Some of these often have extra help in really getting your fitness levels at the best they can be. BMI guidelines, heart monitors, and pulse rates are available on some of these.

Past views on sports

The brilliant thing about wanting to be fit and healthy is that it doesn’t have to be done in the gym now. There are many ways to get involved in sports.50 years ago, if you wanted to get fit there was a very limited way to do this. Getting fit was also nearly always split into a female/male situation, many men attending football or boxing this was seen as a male sport.

It wasn’t unusual for boxing and football, to be a male only class or gym. Now entering a boxing gym, the amount of women now attending these classes has hit an all time high. Many gyms have reported that the female classes are at times a lot busier than the male classes. It is also not unheard of to have mixed classes now.

Females are now not so afraid to get involved in contact sports, with not so many females being willing to attend aerobics classes anymore the full contact sports are more appealing. The sigma of boxing or mixed martial arts being for males only has gone. There are many guidelines you can access to how physically active you should be every day.

Why fitness is now important for women

When thinking of fitness 50 years ago your mind will most likely think back to men flexing their muscles on the beach or being covered in blood in the ring. Now many of us will think of a female sports personality, females have now realized that it is not just about looking good on the outside.

The days of being picture perfect for a woman is now more important than ever, this does not however just mean on the outside. Women are becoming more interested in what they are putting in their bodies, how to use this correctly, and what their bodies need as fuel to maintain their health.

It is more popular to see women doing fitness programs or sports that were normally and usually associated with men in the past. Women are changing the world. There is a small list below:

• Boxing

• Football

• Swimming

• Rugby


• Snowboarding

The brilliant thing about fitness today is that it is not seen as something that just men do, although that sounds terrible now, being fit and toned was normally accepted as a male dominant thing. 

Food fitness health and energy levels

When fitness started to become a more widely accepted choice, it also became apparent that it wasn’t just sport or health classes that were needed to achieve this. it is no good for your body if it is not replenished nutritionally.

The food you are choosing to eat is now becoming very important in our everyday life. With so many choices of good wholesome foods so readily at your doorstep. Increasingly many more people are making the correct informed decision of choice, when it comes down to fueling your body the choices are now amazing.

As a rule, many people are so busy that they are very aware of time, sometimes it will become a choice that isn’t always the right one with food. In the past, if you were becoming fit not only would you not have been so well informed about food but it would most definitely not have been so easy to get.

Now in today’s society, there are health food shops available, with snacks to pop in your bag. You will also have access to healthy takeaways. You can also track how many calories you consume, the majority of places now disclose how many are in the meals they supply.

If you don’t have access to a gym there are other ways to get fit

One of the main things that you have access to now is the internet. Getting fit doesn’t have to be a massive chore, you can do this from the comfort of your home. There are many reasons people would want to do this.

Many people with children simply cannot always get out, working is often a problem when it comes to committing to a monthly gym membership. Sometimes money is an issue however becoming fit can be done in many places.

Look at apps available to you, these are so easy to add to your phone or laptop some will come with eating advice too. There are many places you can retrieve information on food use, what you need to help, what will be good, and what is bad.

Use what is ready to hand, your stairs or back garden. Even your children can help you instead of watching them run around the park, make a fun game and this will have many positives for all of you. This can all be tracked, so when you get back home write it down, you will be surprised at the progress made. 


When people join the gym these days it does come with a price, sometimes the fees are weekly or monthly depending on the choice of gym you pick. There will be so many choices when you start to look into these, so look at the bigger picture.

Some gyms or health centers will only offer a basic membership; however, some will offer you use of the swimming pool or health suite. When looking into these packages, look at if you can get a family fee for the month some of these will include fun activities for the children.

Don’t be put off by associating getting fit with gyms, remember you can do this at home. If you are a beginner and want to improve your lifestyle and fitness levels then look at what apps there are, what is going to be suitable for the fitness requirements you have? Look at the tracking and food apps and online support that can be found.

Don’t be put off, if you think the class you have been wanting to attend is associated with the opposite sex, you will be surprised at how many classes are unisex in today. If you’re unsure go and speak to the instructor that is running that particular class, they will advise you.