Nowadays, almost everyone can’t imagine life without traveling and mobility. Each of us likes to see the sights not only from social networks, but also with our own eyes. Very often when preparing for another trip there are a lot of questions, you need to take into account no nuance and plan everything so that your trip went smoothly and gave maximum pleasure. One such nuance is mobile communication, because our sim cards work well in the countries of mobile operators, and in other countries already connects roaming. So today we want to tell you how to solve the problem of communication abroad with the help of new technologies and tell you how to buy esim online.

What is eSim?

First of all, it is worth finding out what esim is. Esim is a sim card built into your smartphone. The key difference between an embedded SIM card and a physical one is that it is permanently stored in your smartphone and cannot be removed. The principle of esim is very simple! You install a specialized application, in it yourself can choose the tariff and terms of use of the sim card, and you can also choose the country of the sim card to which you are going to go. After installing the esim choice, you pay for its use and install it on your smartphone in the settings of the device itself. Once the settings are complete, you can use the built-in sim card.

While there are many familiar ways to stay in touch using familiar sim cards, such as purchasing a local operator’s sim card or connecting roaming, esim has a number of advantages over traditional methods.

The advantages of using eSim

1. The first advantage of esim is its cheapness. When traveling, tourists often buy a prepaid SIM card of a local operator, but in some countries, unfortunately, there is no such possibility. For example, in Sweden, it is impossible to buy a local operator card without a European ID. Also in some countries, such as Italy, local operator SIM cards are quite expensive. Another way to get a SIM card is to roam with your country’s operator. This method is not bad, but it is quite expensive. Here to help comes international esim, the cost of which is low, and the speed of registration and ease of connection is very convenient for travelers.

2. Another strong advantage of esim is the ease of connection and quick processing. In the process of connecting a virtual card, you can independently choose the tariff, the number of megabytes of mobile Internet. You can also easily change mobile operators, if, for example, you plan to travel to several countries. In this case, you do not need to look for mobile stores, but only need to make a few manipulations in your smartphone and the SIM card will be ready for use. Not bad, right?

3. Esim cannot be lost, broken or corrupted. When reinstalling the current sim card to a new one, you definitely thought about the safety of your personal sim card of the country. After all, sim cards are small, you can lose it, and then you will need to go to the office of the mobile operator to purchase a new card. In addition, with frequent replacement of the sim card, the chip can be wiped, which can cause problems with connection and operation of the card. eSIM solves that problem! Since the card is built right into the motherboard of the device, you can’t take it out, so you can’t damage or lose it.

4. eSim is a safe kind of sim card. Nowadays, there are many fraudulent schemes to duplicate sim cards and replace them. These schemes are used to connect to your social networks or applications of the bank to which the phone number is linked. With Esim such a fraud scheme will be problematic. Despite the fact that it is very easy to issue and start using an eSIM, it is impossible to duplicate it. This, of course, has its disadvantages, for example, the number is more difficult to transfer to another phone and for this it will be necessary to create a new card and renew your old number.

5. Esim is an eco-friendly way of communication. Yes, it is worth considering such pluses nowadays. After all, when you buy a physical prepaid sim card, after using it, you will just throw it away. The process of recycling a regular physical sim card is very complex. It involves many steps of processing the metals that are soldered into the physical SIM card. Also, the process is quite expensive, so not every business can afford to recycle a physical sim card. With esim, you solve this problem, because you write data to the embedded chip, you don’t take the sim card out of the phone, so you don’t throw it away after use.


To summarize, a virtual sim card helps you stay connected when traveling to other countries. In terms of functionality, cost and ease of connection, it beats traditional ways of connecting, such as roaming or buying a local SIM card. When connecting esim, you also need to pay attention to the nuances that this method of communication has. For example, you need to check if the virtual sim card connects specifically to your smartphone model. Not all smartphone manufacturers embed a virtual sim card chip in their devices, so check if this option is available to you.