Harsh weather can be one of the top reasons why people suffer damage to their property and life. While it is very common to see hurricanes, tornadoes, and other natural disasters ruin areas, many people don’t realize just how dangerous hail storms are. While regular hail might look pretty, a massive hailstorm can quickly wreak havoc on a city or town.

If you take a look back, hail has caused Arizonans quite a lot of money. The state of Arizona experienced one of its biggest hail storms ever  in 2010. Two or more supercell thunderstorms hit Arizona, resulting in a catastrophic hail storm. In its wake, the citizens of Arizona had to spend around $4.5 billion to repair their houses, buildings, vehicles, and other property.

Although there has been much damage throughout the years in Arizona, 2010 was the biggest catastrophe. If you have been living there, then this shouldn’t be news for your ears. If you have recently moved there, then it might be useful to know a few places that can help you with the damage like that.

To give you more information about the harm of hail, here are four types of damage hail storms can cause.

Roof Damage

Since the roof is the top part of any structure, there is no surprise that roofs can be greatly damaged during a hailstorm. Whether you are thinking about your house’s roof or your office building, the damage caused by hail is often quite challenging to detect. The roof can leak, which can damage the walls and the home’s contents. That is why it might be best to let a professional handle the repairs after a storm.

Vehicle Damage

While roof damage will cost you more, seeing dents all over your vehicle might be more hurtful. You may park in open parking lots, on the street, or  other open places. Since these areas have no protective cover, your vehicle is likely to suffer a lot of damage. Other than the dents on the body, the windows could also be damaged.

Luckily, you can get all the dents repaired by  IntelliDENT, and your car will look like new again.

Skylight Damage

Many properties have lovely skylights to let in some natural light during the day. It can be very refreshing and also adds to the beauty of the structure.

However, it can be broken during the next hail storm. Not only the glass, but the seal can also be heavily damaged. That would mean that all the hail would directly enter your house and flood the top floor. Eventually, ruining the entire structure. That is why you need to have adequate safety measures in place to make sure the skylight doesn’t get damaged.

Window Damage

There is no saying how the hail will be falling towards the ground. If it’s coming straight down, then only the roof might suffer. If the storm is coming down at an angle, then there might be some trouble for the windows and sidings.

If you don’t have adequate safety measures in place the windows and siding of your house, commercial building, or  other property could be damaged.

Be Prepared

Since all these things are likely to be a massive burden on your bank account, it might be beneficial to have insurance policies in place. You can get your car, home, commercial building, and everything else insured. Make sure that these policies cover every square footage of your property, as some only include the main structure.

You also need to make sure to include the natural disasters clause in all the agreements. Double-check to see that the term consists of hail and other frequent storms in Arizona.