Are you wondering how much a boat costs? If yes, you should check out our guide right here on the prices you can expect.

Wind in your hair. Gorgeous blue waves all around you. Sun warming you from your head to your toes.

If that sounds like the perfect experience, then there’s one piece of equipment that you’re missing in your household: a boat.

The right boat can provide hours and hours of endless fun on the water. Most people know this, but the number one thing that prevents homeowners from purchasing a boat is the cost of a boat. They think that the answer to the question of how much does a boat cost is an astronomical amount.

Well, we’re here to tell you that simply isn’t the case! In fact, you may be surprised at just how affordable the average boat price is. In this article, we’ll take a look at the average boat price and break down the factors that can drive boat price up or down to help you understand how you can maximize the bang for your buck as you seek to start your marine adventures.

How Much Does a Boat Cost?

Research shows that the average boat price is actually under $20,000! That’s probably far more affordable than what you may have thought. Given that the average price of a new car in the United States is $36,000, this means that you could be a boatowner for just over half the cost of what you may have paid for your car!

However, the truth is that there are different types of boats out there, and the type that you buy is going to be the biggest factor in the final purchase price that you pay. Now, we’ll take some time to explore the different kinds of boats so that you have a better idea of what kind of boat you want to buy.

Pontoon Boat

One of the most common boat types that your average boat owner will purchase is the pontoon boat. The way that a pontoon boat is formatted is that it is a flat deck that sits on top of two pontoons that are what help keep the boat afloat.

The pontoon boat is not a boat that will go very fast nor can it be used for watersports. Instead, the real reason you would want a pontoon boat is just so that you can travel slowly on the water and just enjoy being out on the water.

For most folks, this is going to be exactly what they want out of a boat. To that end, a pontoon boat may be exactly what you’re looking for! However, it’s important to be aware that pontoon boats are very heavy and will thus require a larger, sturdier boat trailer in order to be easily pulled.

Deck Boat

Another extremely popular type of boat is the deck boat. Like the pontoon boat, the deck boat satisfies many of the things that your average boat owner wants out of their possession, plus a little more.

Just like a pontoon boat, the deck boat can simply be parked out in the water or will happily putt along slowly if all you want to do is enjoy the sunshine and the waves. 

However, if you want to try your hand at wakeboarding or something similar, then a deck boat is the right choice for you. With an extended deck at the back, a deck boat is able to create the wake necessary for wakeboarding, skimboarding, or pretty much any other type of watersport.

If you’ve been trying to get into the world of watersport, then a deck boat could just be the best way for you to get there. However, it is worth noting that deck boats are typically smaller than pontoon boats. So if your goal is to be able to host a lot of friends and family on your boat, the deck boat may not be the best option for you.

Fishing Boat

Wakeboarding and other high-adrenaline sports aren’t the only options for you on the water: another great choice is fishing! If you enjoy the quiet lull of a fishing expedition, then you’re going to need a fishing boat to take your fishing adventures to the next level.

A fishing boat differs from the other boat types in a couple of different ways. Firstly, the boat is going to have less seating space and more open deck space to accommodate for the fish that you will bring in. Another important differentiator is that a fishing boat will also be more seaworthy and able to take on waves should you take it out for some deep-sea fishing.


Last but certainly not least, we would be remiss to discuss types of boats and how much do boats cost without ending with the yacht. The yacht is probably the most widely known type of boat because of the status that it represents.

A yacht is a machine that you can live out of, that you can travel with, or that you can just go out into the open ocean with as a way to spend a hot summer day. Yachts will typically have high-end everything, from cooking and sleeping facilities onboard to the marine audio that lets you bump your favorite tunes.

However, you are going to pay a good sum of money if you do end up purchasing a yacht. Not only are you going to have to stomach the hefty price of the boat upfront, but you’re also going to have to pay to store it at a marina or boathouse since a yacht is hardly something that you’re going to be able to tow home.

Which Boat is Right for You?

There you have it: now that you know the different boat options out there and how much does a boat cost, all that remains is for you to figure out which of these boat types is right for you. Start saving your money now or use a boat loan to get out on the water ASAP!

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