A leaky roof can set a homeowner back by around $1,000 on average.

When was the last time you checked your roof and gutters for any needed repairs?

If you’re ashamed to answer that question, you need to make gutter maintenance a top priority. Having an answer to how often should gutters be cleaned is the difference between a $50 shingle replacement, and a $1,500+ major roof repair. You may be surprised to know how little time it will take to keep your gutters in proper order.

Continue reading below for our guide on yearly gutter cleaning.

How Often Should Gutters be Cleaned on Average

A professionals’ answer to how often should gutters be cleaned surprises many homeowners. The industry average is only twice a year!

That ensures clear gutters, where water flows through the gutter and away from your home.

You can divide that up into a spring/summer cleaning and a fall/winter clear. A March cleaning will remove any leaves or ice residues from the fall and winter months that could block proper drainage. A September maintenance removes any decay or water build-up from the spring and summer months.

A gutter guard service makes a once-or-twice-a-year cleaning feasible to avoid roof damage. The guards keep gutters free from twigs and leaves that pile up in a normal gutter system. As you settle into your new home, check with your roofing professionals on gutter guard options.

Winter Climates

Twice a year is an industry answer for how often should gutters be cleaned. But a harsh winter climate needs more frequent gutter maintenance.

Is your home located somewhere with below-freezing winters? If so, you should check your gutters throughout the winter season to avoid damage.

Water buildup can freeze in your gutters and impede drainage. Ice dams are also common in winter climates, which can damage your home’s interior and exterior if left untouched.

Check your gutters at least twice during the colder months so you can take quick action on repairs.

Dry or Arid Landscapes

A dryer or more arid landscape presents another exception to the standard of how often should gutters be cleaned.

You will remove a lot of debris during a gutter cleaning, including twigs, leaves, pine needles, and the like. Water residue is also something to look out for in gutter maintenance. However, if your home is in a more desert-like climate, you can clean your gutters once per year.

Without rain, leaves, and ice, you are less likely to have a clogged gutter that causes damage to your roof.

Dense Tree or Woodlands

Finally, a homeowner in a wooded or tree-filled area needs to check their gutters more often than the average two times a year.

How often should gutters be cleaned in more forest-like locations?

Professionals recommend four times a year or once per season. Your home’s gutters are far more likely to fill up with leaves, twigs, and wet debris that can obstruct drainage.

This may sound like a lot of gutter maintenance. But a quick check four times a year can save you from gutter leaks, shingle cracking, or sagging roofs.

Keep Up with Your Gutter Cleaning and Repair

You have enough to worry about as a first-time homeowner, and water-logged roofs should not be on that list. Knowing how often should gutters be cleaned can help you avoid thousands in repair. Stick with the twice-yearly for a normal to mild climate, and add extra maintenance as needed.

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