Having a pet is like having a baby. Like a baby needs attention, care and compassion, pets also need the same. Before you have a pet, you should be mentally ready for the responsibility which comes along with having a pet.

You might think that owning a pet is a privilege. Well, it’s not true, “Owning a Pet is not just a privilege, but it’s a responsibility.” Pets are not gadgets that can be thrown aside and forgotten, once they become old. Pets are just like humans. They are your companions that need love, care and devotion. To show your dedication towards your pet, you have to take care of their needs by visiting PETstock Australia

Here are some tips and tactics for improving your pet ownership skills and becoming even closer to your Pet.

1. Going for a walk:

To keep your pet healthy, physical activity is vital for both cats and dogs. Just like humans we need to burn our calories to avoid obesity, Pets also need to do the same. They also have to burn off the food to stay fit and healthy.

35 % of pets are overweight or obese according to American Veterinary Medical Association. It can lead to multiple disorders such as respiratory disease, diabetes, and liver disease.

Regular walk and exercise can avoid health issues. And going for a walk with your pet creates a stronger bond between you and your pet. 

2. Training:

All animals are the slave of habits. It’s your job to develop a consistent routine to follow with your new pet. Feeding at the same time every day, potty breaks at same intervals, playtime and walk time, everything has to be scheduled.

Leash and collar training is very crucial for your new puppy. Adjustable fabric puppy collar with quick release clasp is recommended by experts. Once you place the collar on the puppy tenderly, you should provide supervision to it. Initially, they will feel uncomfortable, scratch it for a while and then forget about it. Before you put your pet to bed, take off his collar. Whenever you take the puppy out, put the collar back.

3. Vet Visits:

Once you have a new pet, make sure to do the initial vet visit to get the plans for your pet’s health. Your pet will require certain shots and some examination. In case any health issue occurs later, your vet will already have a record of your pet’s health.

You can ask your vet about microchipping your pet. A microchip is a small device and a microchip has the size of a grain of rice. It is implanted under your pet’s skin. This microchip helps to locate your pets once it is lost. A lost pet is a terrible and frightening experience but a microchip can bring your pet back home.

4. Spay or Neuter Your Pet:

This can be the most crucial thing you can do to your pet. Spayed and Neutered pets live long and healthy lives.

Animal’s overpopulation is a serious issue in our country and all over the world. It is unfortunate that there are more animals in shelters than in loving homes. Every year thousands of cats and dogs are euthanized because they can’t find their owner or forever home. So spaying and neutering your pet can help in reducing the number of animals that end up euthanized.

It’s our responsibility to prevent them from reproducing until every pet has a secure home and loving owner. 

5. Give them plenty of Love:

This might be the most important responsibility for every pet owner. You have to understand the difference between our possessions and companions. Our Pets are not our possessions, they are our companions. And they depend upon us for their care as our old parents would be.

When you take a pet into your home, you are adding one extra member to your family. They need your attention, care, time, love and devotion throughout their lives.

These pets have endless love to give you while asking very little in return. Being responsible pet parents we have to work hard to do the same for them.        

The Bottom Line:

Like a human, your pets can not speak your language, so it’s challenging to understand their thoughts and feelings. So how can you identify whether you are a good pet owner or not?

To be frank, you will never come to know for sure. If you follow the tips and shower your unconditional love on these furry angels, I am sure you are one step closer to becoming an ideal responsible pet owner.