We are aware that sustainability is the central subject nowadays, which means a new building should have a minimal impact to the environment and should respect our planet’s resources. But more extensive, what else means to build a healthy home? Today’s houses should be energy-efficient and healthy for her owners at the same time. Let’s make clear what it means.

Which aspects are needed to have a healthy house?

We need to have in mind that we spend almost 80% of our life indoors, therefore the quality of air and materials in any house really matter. Rarely we can choose the ambience of our office environment, whereas we should make up our private home as healthy as possible. Doctors are warning that to seal a house hermetic may increase the risk of toxic, long lasting exhalation of different substances, those as coats of paint or even human condensation and mold.

But air quality is the first and mainly issue to protect and maintain our health. Each breath you take must be as pure and healthy as possible and it’s up to you to create a foundation for a healthy ambience in your private home. How?

First you have to choose natural materials in the interior and in exterior as well. Each synthetic material that you can avoid will improve the air quality and your health. Than you have to protect yourself against probably allergy sources and electro smog. Health-friendly Building with Baufritz means to attain certainty of a healthy construction in each aspect.

Which materials should you prefer in a healthy house?

Solid wood is an excellent base to start with the construction. It works as static frame in an light-frame house as well as wall of a log cabin, it provides you a perfect floor or panelling, even whole furniture can be made of natural, solid wood. Wood – that means: A material free of harmful substances, which even is able to clean the air. Its warm, smooth aspect calm our soul and provides a rich, typical smell in the interior. Rediscovering traditional carpenter techniques make even possible to avoid the use of synthetic adhesive.

To construct a sustainable house that reaches the strong standards of today’s energy regulation means to include sufficient heat insulation. Of course, insulation materials should be natural, too. Nowadays there are a lot of materials available, for example cotton, lamb wool, cellulose or cork. Including these insulation materials in your wooden construction guarantees a pollution-free home for you and your family.

If you like, you can combine the wood with other natural materials as granite, slate or even steel, if you prefer to give a modern touch to your house. Anyway, instead of synthetic varnish you can build your wooden house without chemical protection, only using traditional construction rules. Wood always should be protected against waterlogging. That means sufficient roof overhang and a foundation, which separates the ground floor wood from the terrain.

Healthy energy systems

To run a house you need energy. If it comes from renewable energy sources, you really can name it healthy house. Which sustainable sources do exist today? The most common is surely energy that comes out of the sun. There are two types:

Solar Systems with solar panels, which capture the heat of the solar radiation and transport it to a heating buffer tank, where it can be used for hot water or heating.

Photovoltaic Systems with thin photovoltaic panels that produce electricity from the sun light. It can be stored in-house in batteries or also fed into the public power grid.

Furthermore you can take advantage of the energy which is stored in the air or the earth. You need Air Source Heat Pumps to extract the difference of temperature in the ambient air that can heat your house. On the other side, you need horizontal or vertical pipes to gain Geothermal Heating of the ground. This solution is perfect as completely invisible solution or in places with very few sun.

Finally, take care of ventilation and protect your healthy home from electro smog. That means, you should apply techniques and materials that are shielded and demagnetized. This will guarantee a healthy, relaxing sleep for all inhabitants.