Lingerie may have a reputation for being worn during sexy times with a partner, but you don’t have to limit these garments to one occasion. Lingerie is a perfect addition for engaging in self-love or wearing under your clothes to deliver confidence.

You might have an idea in your head about what lingerie is “supposed” to be or what you’re “supposed” to wear. But the truth is, you don’t have to fit into the mold of what you’re “supposed” to do. You can build a lingerie wardrobe that is comfortable, sexy, and speaks to your personal style. Whether you’re a lingerie enthusiast or you’re just working on building a lingerie wardrobe, read on for some must-have tips to create the best collection for you.

Put Your Personal Comfort First

There are tons of lingerie styles available on the market. The best ones for you are the ones that you feel comfortable in. When you don’t put your comfort first, you end up with items that don’t make you feel confident or sexy, which is counter-intuitive to your goal in the first place.

Even if you’re planning to wear your lingerie for a partner and you want them to enjoy the piece you’re wearing, you ultimately want to create an experience both of you can enjoy. So find pieces that are a blend of your partner’s interest and your comfort.

Wear the Right Size

While material and style are key factors in finding comfortable lingerie for you, wearing items that aren’t the right size – no matter how comfortable they are – won’t feel cozy at all. Before purchasing any lingerie, take your measurements.

In most cases, you particularly want to measure your bra size. But it’s definitely handy to have measurements for your waist and hips depending on the style of lingerie you’re shopping for. Sizing can vary between retailers and online retailers will always have a size guide to refer to. Check that size guide before selecting the size for your lingerie to ensure the perfect fit.

Keep it Simple

Lingerie can definitely get complex. While complex lingerie can look incredibly sexy, it may not be functional for use with a partner (or for yourself if you choose to wear it under your clothes). Trying to take off complex lingerie, especially with a partner who may not be versed in lingerie fastenings, can turn into a huge mood killer for your sexy time. That’s the opposite of what you’re going for here.

Instead, opt for lingerie that is simple to wear and remove. You can choose a lacy baby doll that’s easy to slip off. An intricate lace bra and panty set look incredibly sexy and are still simple to remove. For a style that looks complex but isn’t too difficult to remove, opt for a garter belt. With this piece, you even have the option of leaving it on, which can completely level up your romp session.

Find a Material you Love

There are tons of different materials to choose from with your lingerie. Some popular materials are lace, satin, embroidery, and cotton. All of these materials can look incredibly sexy, so choose one that you feel most comfortable and confident in. Remember, wearing lingerie in a way that makes you feel good is all about finding something you’re comfortable in. When you find a material (or materials) you love, stick with them as you build up your lingerie wardrobe.

Invest in Long-Lasting Pieces

If you’re looking for lingerie that will last, you need to invest in quality pieces. Lingerie can get expensive, but not all expensive lingerie will stand the test of time. The material can tear or rip easily and the fastenings might weaken. So look for material that is made with quality materials instead.

You also want to search for lingerie that isn’t too trendy. When you opt for trendy lingerie instead of more classic pieces, you risk letting the trendy stuff sit in the closet for too long. Classic is the way to go to create styles that you will wear for years to come.

Another great way to ensure you wear your lingerie for many years is to create a capsule lingerie wardrobe. As you build a collection, seek pieces that can be mixed and matched to not only create versatile looks but to keep the outfits interesting. You won’t have to wear the same outfits on repeat and can get many more “wow” moments by mixing things up.


Your life is about to get a whole lot sexier and you’ll be ready to enjoy increased confidence with lingerie that makes you feel fierce. Get ready to build out a fantastic lingerie wardrobe that wows even yourself when you dress in it.