The kitchen is not just a place to prepare food anymore. It’s way more than that. Now, the kitchen has become a status of an individual’s lifestyle and symbolizes the standard of living. Two major things that separate a designer kitchen from a regular one are– cabinets and countertops.

A large space is dedicated to cabinets in the kitchen, so it’s important to pay close attention to their look. Beautifully made cabinets improve the look and feel of the space and make it more presentable. With everyone looking to create a spectacular kitchen, classic inset cabinets are recapturing the market. These cabinets lost their popularity for some time but are now back in the game.

Whether the design of a kitchen is vintage, transitional, or minimalist, modern inset cabinets will jazz up the kitchen like no other. Inset cabinets provide a simple, clean-lined yet elegant look to a kitchen.

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Now, let’s discuss everything about Inset cabinets and how these could be implemented in a kitchen.

What are modern inset kitchen cabinets?

In such cabinets, drawers and doors fit in the frame or are inset, making them flush. The cabinet’s frame has a minimal gap between the cabinet doors and frame, which offers a clean look.

The gap between the cabinet and door is so minimal that when an individual runs his hand over the surface of the cabinet, he is not able to figure out the difference. Although these cabinets are a perfect fit for any kitchen style, they are mostly seen in traditional-style kitchens.

Ideas for Modern Inset Cabinets

There are quite several ways to incorporate inset modern cabinets in a kitchen, but not every design or idea goes perfectly with everyone’s kitchen style and personal preferences.

Hence, before finalizing the kitchen’s style, an individual must properly analyze everything carefully.

Here are some ideas on how modern inset kitchen cabinets could be used in a kitchen design:

Go for a handleless design

They are exactly what they sound like. These inset cabinets do not include any handle, which provides them with a smooth and free-flowing appearance. These inset cabinets are available in a variety of designs and finishes. From ceramics to textured wood, this style of cabinets goes beautifully with both classic as well as modern kitchens.

Opening or closing these cabinets won’t be a hustle as modern technology has introduced push open and close features to them.

Add colors to the cabinet

Just like coloring kitchen walls and doors, an individual could also paint the kitchen inset cabinets to give them a completely new and unique look. Although colors enhance the cabinets’ look, one should not allow the colors to overpower. Hence, colors should be used very intelligently.

If an individual has the fear that the colored cabinets might dominate the overall look and feel of the kitchen, neutral tones can be used while building the kitchen, and colors can be introduced with paint, tiles, and accessories.

One more benefit of the painted kitchen is that one can change the kitchen cabinet’s color whenever required. So, a house owner can simply change the paint instead of changing the whole inset cabinet once they get bored with the older one.

Introduce a breakfast station

Individuals who want to give the kitchen a sophisticated, chic appearance might go with installing a coffee station or breakfast cupboard. This place could be used to store anything, including the cups, plates, or other utensils utilized for serving breakfast.

Often in these types of cabinet styles, there is a platform installed between the cabinets, which could be used for placing coffee machines and biscuits, etc.

Appreciate the curves

Since 2021, curved-style inset cabinets have also been introduced. Nowadays, the kitchen is not just for preparing meals; just like that, the cabinets are not restricted to only having straight lines.

Gently rounded curves in the cabinets will uplift the overall look of the kitchen space. In addition, these curves add a bold and subtle touch to the inset kitchen cabinets.

Although linear kitchens have a strong appeal, people are now going for a softer approach to kitchen cabinet designs, and the curves can symbolize that softness. In addition, curves are easier on the eyes and very comfortable to live with.

Utilize vertical space

When installing the inset cabinets, one should try to consider overall proportion with the aim of creating some symmetry. The symmetry could be achieved simply by including key features like a chimney which could work as a central statement piece.

The specifics should always be determined according to the size and height of the kitchen.

Vertical installation of the inset cabinets saves a lot of space, and every inch of the kitchen is properly utilized. When the height of the kitchen is used, it ultimately frees up the space from the width of the kitchen, which can further be utilized for installing other kitchen essentials.


The latest trends in kitchen design often grab the attention of many homeowners. But the issue is that there are too many choices and the homeowners get confused when making a selection. In addition, there are many details that an individual has to look after before setting up a kitchen.

Many factors like countertops, islands, and cabinets define a perfect kitchen.

Undoubtedly quartz is one of the best countertop materials not just in the aspect of durability but also for designs and patterns.

But what about cabinets? The cabinets are also an essential part of the kitchen and cover a lot of space in the kitchen; hence must be perfect. Modern inset cabinets are an ultimate choice for individuals looking for cabinets that blend modernity with traditional designs.

The only thing is – the individual must not ignore the budget, as replacing the current cabinets may cost around $50,000.

Hence, the individual should make the final decision after considering the budget and whether or not this cabinet will contrast with the existing kitchen style.