Mother’s Day is one of those holidays every year when you get to celebrate your mom. Mothers are some of the most selfless people out there. They dedicate their lives and their energy to taking care of their families and helping others. If you love your mom, it’s only natural to want to celebrate her on this day. However, sometimes life gets in the way of hosting the perfect celebration. Maybe you’re getting ready to relocate from Tampa to the Phoenix area and are in the middle of the stress of a big move. It can be difficult to plan a nice celebration in the midst of that situation. Difficult, but not impossible.

With a little bit of creativity and planning, you can still have a great Mother’s Day that the special woman in your life is sure to love. You know your mom well, so you should know what she’ll appreciate most. Some women want lavish presents, some prefer sentimental gifts, while others just want practical help around the house or a day off to really relax. All of those are great options for you to arrange, even while you’re relocating. Here are a few ideas for how you can celebrate Mother’s Day during a move.

Offer your mom practical help during relocation.

In many families, mom is the one who does it all. She is the organizational mastermind behind how everything runs at home. Chances are, she’s taking the reins when it comes to moving. The best gift may just be taking some of the responsibility off her plate. See how you can help during the relocation. Maybe you’re relocating to Phoenix, AZ, but haven’t found a storage unit for your extra items yet. Your job can be calling customer service and finding a great place that will be convenient in the big city. As you’re moving into your new home, mom may have a lot on her mind. Take care of the storage unit or call the movers as a gesture to help lighten her load.

You can never go wrong with nice jewelry.

Just because you’re moving, doesn’t mean you can’t get a simple, nice gift for your mom. Try to make it something easy to pack that she can still enjoy. When it comes to Mother’s Day, you can never go wrong with a nice piece of jewelry. Agape Diamonds reviews tell about their great earrings, rings, necklaces, and more. Enjoy this great retail shop and all the beautiful, unique pieces of jewelry they offer. Agape diamonds can be a great way to show your mom how loved and valued she is without giving her something big or bulky that will be difficult to move.

Plan a virtual celebration.

Many mothers are happiest when they’re surrounded by their family members. However, if you’re relocating somewhere far away, a big gathering may not be possible. That doesn’t mean you can’t still plan a virtual party to celebrate mom! Send out a Zoom link or try other virtual Mother’s Day ideas. You can still play games, swap stories, or share special memories even if they’re on Facetime or through a computer.

Take a small trip to get your mind off the move.

It’s easy to get caught up in the stress and pressure of planning a move or getting a new home together after relocating. Maybe the best gift you can give your mom is simply getting away for a while. This can be anything from an evening out in Downtown Phoenix for dinner and a movie or taking a small weekend getaway to Los Angeles. If you’re traveling in early 2021, you may need to do some research on traveling during the Covid-19 pandemic to be aware of travel restrictions in different areas. But with the right precautions, you can enjoy some time away to be together and release the stress of the move.

Words can go a long way.

Anytime you pack up all your belongings to move somewhere new, it’s natural to think you have just way too much stuff. Maybe mom doesn’t want any more material possessions this year. Remember that kind words can be an important thing in any relationship, but especially for your mom. Consider doing something a little different this year and just writing a note of how much your mom means to you in her Mother’s Day card. It may feel like it’s not much, but this can be a really special way to say thank you.

It’s okay to reschedule or plan a future outing.

When you really think about it, Mother’s Day is just another date on a calendar. If you are in the middle of a move and that first Sunday in May just doesn’t work for your schedule, it’s okay to do a make-up Mother’s Day. Establish a date a few weeks later when you’re all settled to reschedule the special occasion at her favorite restaurant or with a nice spa day. This way you’ll still have a chance to pamper your mom without interrupting a busy day, week, or month.