There are hundreds of music and video apps that you can access over the net in the present era. However, only a few are on the top list due to its easy user interface and variety of songs in its music library. Apple Music is a top-rated app among music lovers and artists. One of the features of Apple Music is that the app is compatible with any platform. Hence, it does not matter whether you are using the Apple Music app from your Android phone, laptop, or tab. It works great with any device, thus giving you the ultimate satisfaction of listening to music of any genre.

How to check Apple music stats for artists?

One of the most excellent features of the Apple Music app is that you can categorize a particular song according to its popularity. The app offers you a complete description of the ratings of a particular song and how popular it is among the listeners. So, if you want to check the music stats of a particular artist according to the performance, the following are the categories you need to check.

  • Whenever a user initiates a song for over half a minute, it immediately gets stored in the Apple Music app. Hence, it is an ideal app to check the statistics of an artist with which you can understand the music’s popularity. It also gives a clear picture of the popularity of the artist. Thus SoundOn is considered apt for upcoming talent. One of the most significant advantages of using the Apple Music app is that you can create a customized music station with your favorite songs and artist.
  • The Apple Music app also gives you a clear picture of the average Daily Listeners listening to the songs according to their choice. So, if different users select an artist several times, it signifies his popularity. 
  • Since the iTunes store allows you to listen to and even purchase songs, it gives you a clear idea of the popularity of an album or an artist. It also specifies the number of purchases made by the various customers of a particular album or song. Thus it gives a clear picture of an artist’s popularity along with his statistics.

Steps to check the Apple music stats of artists

If you are an artist and your album is in the music store of Apple Music, you need to check your stats. With the help of the stats, you can identify your popularity in the music world. Hence, if a user listens to your song for over thirty seconds, it automatically gets recorded in the statistics. 

Therefore, if you want to check your music stats in the Apple Music app, you need the following steps.

  • Before you try to identify your track in the Apple Music app, ensure you have distributed at least one track on the platform. If you still need to do so, you must immediately distribute your song or album through any known digital distributors.
  • You can also set up your label. Once the label is created, your customized individual page will be automatically created.

Once your page is created, you must check your stats with the following steps.

  • Apple Music account.

It is of utmost necessity that to check your stats as an artist; you need to have an Apple Music account. Hence, you need to ensure that you create an Apple Music account with all the necessary information. The more information you provide, your account creation will be easier and faster. Hence, the first step is to create a user account.

  • Log in to Apple Music for Artists

Apple Music has a separate option for logging into apple music for artists. However, to do so, you need a genuine Apple ID to log on to the application and check your current status. Since the application is flexible with any platform, you can create your ID with the help of your Android phone or personal computer, provided your internet speed is stable. 

  • Press the “Request access to an artist profile” button  

Once you are logged in, only one option is available for you to click. The request access to an artist profile option lets you get a clear picture of your stats. 

  • Claim your personalized Artist page.

If you want to check your page, you can do so by giving the input in the search option. The search bar of the Apple Music app gives you the option to search for anything on the page. If you want to search for an artist’s name, you can do so by typing in the name or the URL of the artist. You can even paste the URL for a faster and more efficient result. Once you enter the relevant details, you will get the results instantly. 

  • Identify yourself

The most important part of the process is providing the correct information so that Apple Music can identify you. Hence, proper documentation is of utmost importance as it will prove that you are the actual owner of the page. It is an easy process, provided you input the correct details so that the Apple Music app recognizes you instantly and carries out the process efficiently. 

The Advantages of Apple Music for Artists

If you are a die-hard fan of music of any genre, then you must check out the Apple Music stats for artists. Following are the advantages of using the app if you are among the upcoming artists. It gives you a clear picture of the popularity of your song worldwide. So, if you have the talent and skills to make it to the top but need to know the path, the Apple Music app is the perfect platform for you. Once you upload the song and register yourself, you will be notified regarding the number of hits you get from the listeners. It is one of the best music platforms not only for professionals but you as an individual.

  • One of the advantages of using the Apple Music stats for artists is that you will be able to analyze and check the popularity of your song along with its sales. It also gives you a clear picture of the number of listeners to your song.
  • Another great advantage of using the Apple music stats is that you can categorize the number of listeners country-wise. Hence, if you want to check the popularity of your song in any country, you can do so with the click of the mouse button. Also, you can view the statistics according to the country. 
  • The apple music app also gives you a clear understanding of the type of people listening to your song. It is because you will be able to get a piece of clear information regarding the age and gender of your listeners. You can use the filter option to give you instant results according to your needs and requirements. 
  • The Apple music App is a must for every music artist as it not only popularizes you but also gives you a clear picture of the source of the listeners. 
  • You can also view the video clips and audio data in the Apple Music app. It also gives you the opportunity to customize the video clips according to your requirements. 
  • One essential feature that makes Apple Music different from the other app is the notification option. The app provides you with regular updates regarding your song’s status. So, you will understand whether your song’s demand and popularity are high. 
  • You can insert your profile picture on your page.

A Surprise from Apple Music

Hundreds of people worldwide are talented, yet they cannot promote their skills in music. Hence, Apple Music has associated with Sound-On to allow young and unexplored talent. It is an all-in-one music platform that recognizes global music and upcoming talent. It is regarded as the best for Tiktok music marketing. Therefore, if you want to globalize your music skills, you can distribute your music through tiktok and other social media services where your videos will be streaming live over the net. Therefore, Sound-On can be labeled as one of the best marketing strategies for Tiktok users.


Once you become a member of Apple Music for artists, you can check all the minute details about the popularity of your album or song. It also gives you a clear idea of the type of pep[le who are listening to your music. Thus you can categorize your popularity based on age, gender, and similar areas. However, you need to ensure that your Apple ID is unique; otherwise, it may land on the wrong page, decreasing your popularity. Therefore, Apple Music has an advanced customer service facility if you face any difficulties.