How to create a relaxing and comfortable garden in 5 simple steps

Lifestyle | 8 Jul, 2020 |

A home garden can be the perfect place to spend time at, and especially when looking to relax, unwind and raise your moods. Creating a home garden should thus give you a reason to get and commune with nature, even more, this summer.  Here are 5 simple tips and ideas on how to create a comfortable and relaxing garden.

1. Choose a Suitable Garden Design

The garden design can make or break its overall purpose.  Going for a calming theme for your garden (whether traditional or modern) would thus be a wise idea. A good example of this is a garden equipped with a few traditional garden furniture surrounded by big natural green hedges.  Simply stepping into such a garden triggers a sense of relaxation and tranquillity. You can thus forget all about the digital and fast-paced world for a moment.

Modern garden design can come in handy too. You could choose to have flowing water features installed alongside large and decorative stacked rocks.  Ultra-soft and comfortable furniture at the edge will improve your experience too.

2. Create An Outdoor Nook

The primary purpose of the garden should be to create a peaceful environment to relax and hide away from all the hustle and bustle of the outside world. That said, look for just the perfect spot for creating a ‘hidden’ haven in the garden. Take a look at Outdoor Art Pros for inspiration for your nook. It should be out of your neighbor’s sight and away from the children’s play area to serve the purpose well. This can be at the edge of the fence or between tall plants.

3. Add Soothing Sounds

Noises from across the street or of a neighbor blasting his/her stereo can be disruptive while in the garden. Introducing relaxing sounds in the garden can, however, help drown all these noises.  A water feature or wooden bamboo chimes almost always does the trick. You could also use a wireless speaker to play calming music or sounds too.

4. Introduce Natural Fragrances

The garden should have/mimic or create a sense of nature to serve the purpose. In addition to adding a water feature and bird feeders, you might want to introduce fresh, natural scents to the garden as well. This can be achieved by planting lavender, gardenia, ow sweet peas in the garden. The fragrances created by these are enough to amplify and create a sense of nature.  The scents also complete the sounds introduced earlier on.

5. Add An Outdoor But Comfortable Furniture

You’ll want to be as comfortable as possible while reading or meditating in the garden.  You could accomplish this by introducing comfortable indoors furniture into the garden. Accessorize with a side table, or a coffee table for a complete look and feel.

Make sure the garden has a shady spot for you to relax on sunny days. Seeking shelter under a tree or hedges might work too.  You could also add a hot tub to soak in during sunny days as well.

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