Can you create calm, peace, and serenity at home? Of course, the answer is: “Yes!” If you’re looking to escape scorching heat or find a sanctuary from daily stresses, it’s time to create a relaxing spa — right in your own home. Let’s explore the easiest ways to design a spa-like environment.

Envision Success

Greatness in art, business, and design starts with a clear vision. When you have a compelling vision of success, it’s easier to achieve it. While this idea may be a little unusual, it is extremely effective. The top professional artists, designers, and entrepreneurs spend time evaluating a space, exploring client goals, and visualizing an ideal solution.

However, many homeowners and renters skip this critical step. Since you want to achieve the ultimate serenity in your home spa, take time to picture the outcome. Explore spas that make you feel relaxed, calm, and at ease. Perhaps there is a local hotel, resort, or spa that you love.

What is it that always makes you feel like the cares of the world have washed away? What colors, fabrics, and designs do you love in this spa? While you may not ultimately use the exact look, use this as inspiration for your ideal vision.

Enhance Flow

Interior designers are always looking at flow. How do the colors flow from one room to the other? How does the room layout invite people to relax, connect, and have conversations? How does the light flow during the day and into the night?

You might use this way of looking at your home to create a relaxing living room, a serene bathroom, and a cozy bedroom. Examine how the furnishings, décor, colors, and fabrics contribute to a feeling of connection from room to room.

Express Connection

As you examine each room, look for ways to enhance connection with natural elements. Pick products that are earth-friendly, such as bamboo toilet paper. While it may seem like a small decision, it has a large impact. We use toilet paper every day, multiple times a day. This decision helps you and your family express your values. You’re not relying on a tree-based product. Instead, you’re making ethical, earth-friendly choices.

Keep looking at all the household products that you and your family use daily. Stay in touch with your values of protecting the earth. You can make this commitment stronger each time you use a bamboo comb or hairbrush to take care of your hair.

Explore your daily cosmetic rituals and personal routines, as well. Shift to reusable cotton rounds for keeping your face and body clean and healthy. Just 20 reusable cotton pads help replace 4,000 disposable rounds. You do the math. This simple change has a large impact.

Transform daily hygiene routines with earth-friendly products. Each time you take care of yourself, you’ll feel joy. You’re enhancing personal well-being and caring for the planet.

Enjoy Water

Water features strongly in a spa. It’s no surprise. Human beings are up to 60 % water. This may be why we tend to relax more deeply in the presence of flowing water. Look at your home spa from the perspective of the water. Some simple ways to enhance water in your home include:

• Drink more water each day.

• Use beautiful glasses to enjoy the water you drink.

• Bring a pitcher of water to each room, to invite drinking water.

• Add fountains to your bathroom.

• Create water sculptures in your patio or backyard.

• Set up a place to sit or lie down near the water.

Expand Flowering

What’s a great way to make your house feel like a home spa? Add flowers, flowering plants, and greenery. If you’re near a florist, get on a first-name basis. You’ll discover your florist has tips for seasonal flowers to enhance every room in your home.

If you prefer, look for blooming plants that require minimal upkeep. You may find that certain succulents or orchids are ideal for your living space. Talk with your local florist or nursery to find the best plants for your environment.

Adding flowering plants is not only a good idea for creating a home spa; it also has been shown to boost mental and physical health. A study by the Society of American Florists found that flowers can boost compassion, enhance positive moods, and even improve memory.

Your Home Spa Is Calling

With these simple tips, you can quickly create a serene home spa. Discover the power of creating a zone where you can relax, renew, and revitalize. And in turn, you can help transform your home into your very own, beautiful Arizona spa retreat!