There is no doubt that the pandemic has made things more stressful for us, both financially and physically. Additionally, the actual fear of the virus has made many people live on edge about getting or spreading COVID-19. Anyone who has lived with anxiety knows that it can wreak a bit of havoc on everyday activities.

If this sounds like you, here are a few tips that can help ease your anxiety:

Decrease caffeine intake

If you feel that anxiety attacks come on regularly, take a look at your caffeine intake. If you already suffer from anxiety, it could be wise to stop your caffeine habits.

While you don’t want to quit cold turkey, you can gradually remove coffee from your life. For example, if you drink two or three cups of coffee daily, start decreasing how much you drink to two and then on to one mug a day. While reducing caffeine in your daily life may not take away your anxiety completely, it can help you avoid anxiety attacks.

Take meds or medical marijuana

Speak to your psychiatrist about prescription meds to help calm your anxiety. While you may be resistant to the idea, as some people are, the reality is that your quality of life can improve with a little help from medication. Another option is to speak to your healthcare provider about medical marijuana. If this is the right option for you, there are plenty of Albany, NY dispensaries for you to check out.

Incorporate high-intensity exercise into your life

Movement can be helpful in decreasing and managing your anxiety. For those who have mild anxiety, you can manage it through some type of active exercise on a daily basis. Some people look forward to exercising after their long workdays while others prefer to start their day with movement.

Whether you like to mountain bike in the woods near your house or prefer lifting weights at your local gym, make it a daily habit so you can more easily manage how anxiety affects your life.

Spend time in nature

Nature can be healing and is a natural stress reliever. Being away from the hustle and bustle of your daily life can help you calm your mind and nerves, especially if you spend time in a beautiful location that has you focusing on the drop-dead beauty of it all instead of the things that typically cause you anxiety.

Whether you hike alone or with a friend, take some time in your life to enjoy the great outdoors. You’ll feel better about it. Download a hiking app on your phone to help you find Albany, NY outdoor trails.

Invest in therapy

If you find that these methods aren’t helping or that you deal with frequent anxiety attacks, it can be helpful to speak with a professional on a regular basis. Whether you find a therapist online or you book an appointment with an Albany, NY therapist, therapy can help you build up strategies to manage your anxiety while also having a safe space to let it all out.

In Conclusion

It isn’t fun to live with anxiety. It can make the simplest tasks seem terrifying. However, with the pandemic causing more stress than ever before in the U.S. population, many people are turning to tools that can help them manage their anxiety better.

While there are a lot of outside factors affecting our quality of life, these tips can help you take control in some way, whether it’s incorporating more movement in your life or seeing a professional who can help you navigate the challenges that anxiety brings to your life. It’s not your fault that you have anxiety, and with a bit of help and changes in your daily habits, you can decrease it in your life.