Whether you’re traveling, waiting, stuck in the house, or relaxing in your yard, your mobile can always offer you an easy and convenient dose of hands-on entertainment. Over the years, mobile games have earned a bit of a bad reputation, primarily due to so many of the most popular titles using time walls to limit the amount of time that you can enjoy the games in one sitting. Now, there’s a new, much-improved scene of gaming emerging that is sweeping across Arizonan phones, the best of which we’ve found and detailed below.

Video games come to mobiles

Video gaming has become absurdly popular over the last few years, with more developers exploring new genres and themes to open up the scene to just about every potential preference. The main issue that’s held back many potential gamers is that they’d have to pay hundreds of dollars just to get the hardware to play them, and then about $60 each for the best new titles.

Now, Microsoft and Google have come up with ways to deliver the full video game experience to your mobile without you needing to download gigabytes and take up all of your phone’s storage. Video game streaming has arrived, with Stadia up and running now and Project xCloud on the horizon. For Stadia, if you have a Chromecast Ultra-compatible TV, a Pixel phone, or a Chrome-running computer, you can stream video games for $10 per month. With Project xCloud, you’ll be able to stream a library of Xbox games to Android phones of 6.0 or greater, set to cost $14.99.

A new class of premium mobile gaming

Apple has always prided itself on offering the highest-quality, most innovative products, but what the company didn’t set out on doing is becoming a popular gaming platform. After over a decade of the App Store being filled with popular and lucrative games, the company finally made a concerted effort to utilize the popularity of mobile games and the power of Apple devices.

Thus, the premium brand launched the Apple Arcade, which boasts hundreds of great games to be enjoyed for a mere $4.99 per month. What The Golf?, Bleak Sword, Card of Darkness, Overland, Pac-Man Party Royale, Takeshi and Hiroshi, and Ultimate Rivals: The Rink all offer hours of top-class, freemium-free fun from Apple devices.

Hundreds of games without a single download

Of the many forms of gaming that are now coming to the fore via mobiles, one of the first to make the jump to the portable platform was online casino gaming. Now, the phone casino features as many games as its PC browser version, with hundreds of titles to choose from. Here lies the secret to its popularity, as not only is it easily accessed, but there’s a game to suit any preference.

Gonzo’s Quest is one of the most popular online-based games in the world, starring a Spanish conquistador looking for the lost city of gold. Then there’s also the likes of Starburst, the Norse-themed Thunderstruck II, the official Guns N’ Roses game, Enchanted Prince, Panda Pow!, Lara Croft: Temples and Tombs, and Jurassic World. While game streaming and premium mobile gaming often require quite new devices, the phone casino can be enjoyed on just about any mobile device.

So, if you’ve found yourself with some time and your smartphone in Arizona, check out some of these popular, top-class gaming options for instant entertainment.