You spend so much time in your home that you should love every bit of it. If you don’t love your home, then it is time to take action. It is time to start making your space somewhere you want to spend time in, somewhere you want to relax in, and most importantly, somewhere you want to come home to every day. A home is a place we share with our loved ones, friends, and family, and it should be a special and happy place where memories are made and shared. If it is not happy and fun, then start making it a fun and happy place.

Starting a Room Makeover

The good news is that improving your home even on a small scale with a minor project like redecorating your bedroom can improve your home price because you are adding value. Work room by room to get your home looking and feeling how you want it to, but remember not to try and tackle every room at once, as this is a recipe for disaster.

Before ripping your home and rooms to pieces, it is important to think about what you want the new updated version to look like. Does the room work in its current flow or, state or would it be better used serving another purpose? For example, if you have a guest bedroom that is hardly ever used, would this be better turned into an office or other creative room? Once you know how a room can be used, you can start putting together a design board (mood board). Putting together a board for each room you want to tackle will allow you to see how you want each room to look clearly.

Make Your Space a Reflection of You

Let your personality shine through when decorating, use textures, fabrics, styles, and colors you are instantly attracted to, even if they may clash a little bit – you can make it work! If a room screams you all over, you will want to spend time in it whenever you can.  If, after decorating and painting, you are struggling to put the finishing touches in or having difficulty deciding what accessories and pictures to add, then you want to have nothing initially and add things as you want and feel later down the line. Sourcing one-off products, picture frames, and trinkets is a lot easier to do when you already have your room decorated and color scheme in place.

Before starting a home makeover, ensure you have your budget sorted and in place. Don’t start a project or room makeover without at least a rough figure in place, as this could be disastrous. Costs can quickly get out of hand and spiral out of control. So take some time before you start a project to establish what you can afford and how much it will cost to turn your ideas and dreams into reality within your new and improved space.