Taking a look at some of the top advice and strategies for finding portable bathroom trailer rentals at a price that works within your companies budget.

No one likes bathroom humor, but they do notice when a bathroom is clean and fresh. When you’re expecting a crowd and need a way to supply them with bathroom facilities, a portable bathroom trailer may be the way to go–but is it expensive?

Here are the best tips for finding affordable bathroom trailer rentals. Take a look at all the factors to consider below.

Find a Local Rental Company

The best way to find affordable rental rates is to use a company local to your area. It’s more expensive to rent a portable bathroom trailer if the company has to deliver a long distance away.

You can support your local economy at the same time that you’re saving money on delivery and removal.

Understand Add-Ons

When you order more than the portable bathroom, the expenses rise. If you’re looking for affordable rentals, realize that adding amenities means the cost goes up. From sinks and paper towel stock for a porta-potty to nicer amenities in bathroom trailers, you’ll pay more than the base rate.

Some portable bathrooms have flushing functions, and you can also add hand sanitizer. Heaters or AC units are options for seasonal events, along with mirrors. All of these cost extra.

Check to see if there are any deals, like adding some of these extras for free if you rent a certain number of portable bathrooms.

Choose the Right Type of Portable Bathroom Trailer

There are plenty of options when you want to rent a portable bathroom trailer. If you want your guests to feel like a VIP, then you want a luxury bathroom trailer with hot and cold running water and a sink and vanity that feel like home.

Porta-potties are another choice, and much more affordable because they’re easy to produce, transport, and maintain. Yet they don’t offer as nice of an experience. Make sure you’re choosing the right type of bathroom for your price range.

Compare Pricing and Functionality

Many companies include a weekly cleaning with their rental prices. However, if you’re having a large event and anticipate high foot traffic, you’ll likely want to add extra cleanings. These cost extra as well.

Compare the price of adding extra units in more locations to adding extra cleanings. The professionals can tell you what the drawbacks and benefits are of each choice, so you can decide what the needs are for your facility or event.

Check Your Calendar

The length of time you rent a portable bathroom affects the price. If you’ll need the bathrooms for multiple weekends, find out if it’s cheaper to pay the removal and delivery fees during the weeks in between or simply to leave the bathrooms in place.

A Luxury Restroom Experience

For any event, from a wedding to a festival, your guests will appreciate having access to a portable bathroom trailer. Using the guide above, you’ll be able to find the most affordable rentals.

For hospitality and comfort, your guests will appreciate the care you take with their needs.

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