Many of us want longer hair, but growing it is easier said than done. Click here for a comprehensive guide on how to grow longer natural hair.

Is your hair needing a pick me up?

Longer locks are always desirable. Additionally, long hair that is not only long but silky and strong is optimal. Even if you want longer hair, sometimes growing it can be more complicated than expected.

Growing out your hair can feel like it takes forever, but there are ways to expedite it while remaining healthy. There are a variety of resources for you to grow longer natural hair and keep it healthy.

If you want longer hair, we are here to help. Here is a comprehensive guide on how to get long, luxurious hair and keep it healthy.

Skip the Everyday Shampoo 

Your scalp is the soil for growth, and it must be sufficiently cared for so that your hair is the perfect environment to grow. If you are over-washing your hair, this can hinder the balance of your scalp and hinder your hair growth instead of promoting it.

For example, if you have thin or oily hair, you may be washing your hair every day since you feel that your hair is “greasy.” However, this can be a terrible idea!

Your hair, even if its finer, needs nutrients and care. If you strip your hair of its natural oils by washing it every day, your scalp may begin producing more oil than desired.

An over-oily scalp is not the best ground for growth. Oil can block the hair follicle, and the excess sebum can prevent new growth from coming in. This makes it more challenging to achieve the luscious locks you desire.

Additionally, since shampoo cleans your hair deeply, many ingredients are incredibly harsh on hair. One of the most common shampoo ingredients is sulfate, which is proven to cause damage to hair.

Sulfate over-cleanses, which strips your hair instead of just giving it a gentle wash. Sulfate also is a foaming agent, which leads shampooers to over-use the recommended amount since the foam is oh-so-fun.

Instead, shampoo every other day. Then, once your hair grows accustomed to this new routine, try every two days. Your hair will begin to build up a tolerance and its natural oils will get back into rhythm, helping your scalp stay nourished without the need for over stripping.

Load up on Conditioner

So, you skip the everyday shampoo. What about the conditioner?

Well, if you are trying to acquire long locks, load it up! Conditioner is an excellent way for your hair to build itself back up, allow its lipids and proteins to get back into shape post-heat or styling use.

Every time your hair is wet, you should be moisturizing it. Not only will moisture allow your hair to grow quicker, but it will also assist in keeping your hair strong and healthy.

Additionally, conditioner helps protect those precious ends that may be hanging on for dear life. If you style your hair consistently, using a moisturizing agent like a conditioner or other products is imperative to keeping your ends protected against breakage.

If you suffer from fried ends, this may cause a haircut, which is the opposite of what you want. The ends of your hair are some of the most sensitive parts of your hair and must stay moisturized so they can stay healthy and strong.

Giving your hair some extra moisture will help it grow longer and quicker since it is being treated with the necessary care.

Keep up with Your Trims

Split ends are undesirable since they look unhealthy and are due to breakage. However, having regular trims can prevent split ends from occurring in addition to helping your hair maintain health.

There is speculation around whether or not trims directly affect hair growth. However, the more you maintain and give your ends some love, the overall health of your hair will improve.

Additionally, getting regular trims can prevent split ends to cause dramatic haircuts due to breakage. This, in turn, can help you manage long hair and keep it looking its best.

Be Gentle with Your Locks

Fresh out of the shower with dripping wet hair, roughing a towel around our scalp to get any water off. In turn, our hair gets knotted, and then we go in with a brush and roughly brush our hair out to its detangled form.

We’ve all done it. However, this process is a big no-no.

Our hair is fragile, and it is imperative to be gentle with our locks. When our hair is wet, it is at its most vulnerable. Roughhousing with your hair when its wet may cause it to get damaged quicker and cause breakage.

Moreover, everyday things, such as tight ponytails, heat styling, and incorrect brushing, can all contribute to your hair breaking and not growing properly. Instead of towel drying or blow-drying your hair, opt for air-drying if at all possible.

Additionally, instead of putting your hair back in a tight ponytail, try softer styles that don’t cause as much strain or resistance on your scalp. More delicate styles will help your hair stay healthy, grow faster, and avoid breakage. It will also help against getting tension alopecia, which is sometimes irreversible.

Stimulate Your Scalp with Massages or Scrubs

As previously mentioned, your scalp is the grounds on which your hair thrives.

However, your scalp can get extremely congested. Scalp congestion can occur from using a lot of styling products, dirt, oil, and more yucky stuff that your hair comes in contact with.

All of these factors contribute to buildup, which can block your hair from growing. Instead of shampooing every day, you can stimulate your scalp by implementing scalp massages into your routine.

Not only do scalp massages feel incredible, but they also get the hair follicles loosey-goosey and ready to grow. Additionally, if you want a gentler way to nourish your scalp but also get rid of buildup, there are a variety of scalp scrubs that knock out the grime while letting your hair shine.

To help your scalp be as nourished as possible, add these treatments into your hair care routine. You will feel relaxed, and your scalp will thank you for its special attention.

Eat a Healthful Diet

Having a healthy and balanced diet is one of the best ways to grow out your hair.

Your body, mind, and hair all benefit from a healthy diet. When you don’t have a food that is rich in nutrients like Omega-3’s, proteins, and iron, your hair can suffer.

Taking care of your body can assist in keeping your hair shiny and happy for the long haul. Some of the suggested foods to help promote hair growth include eggs, avocados, legumes, and nuts.

These delicious foods are rich in protein and fatty acids, which allow your hair to build up protein and strength. Without protein, your hair may become dull and lifeless since it has no support.

Hair Supplements Are Your Friend

Even if you eat a diet that is balanced and do scalp treatments, sometimes your hair needs more. Hair supplements are an excellent way to fill in the blanks in your nutrients and help cater specifically to your hair needs.

Natural hair supplements are rich in biotin, an ingredient that helps keep your hair rich in fatty acids. Additionally, supplements also have folic acid, which is proven to repair damaged hair and give body to thinning hair.

Moreover, hair supplements provide a wide array of vitamins A, B, C, and E. These vitamins work together at the foundation of your hair and help your hair grow faster and longer.

You can grow longer natural hair with these supplements, in partnership with the other tips mentioned. Some supplements cater to every hair texture, hair needs, and hair type.

No matter your hair texture, it can benefit from the proper vitamins that make hair grow faster.

Introduce Self-Care into Your Routine 

Many factors contribute to hair loss or lack of growth. However, one of the leading contributors to hair loss is stress.

Take care of yourself, implement these remedies into your routine to give you some relaxation time. Unwind, de-stress, and get your hair growing faster than ever before.

The more you take care of yourself, the more likely you are to feel better. This decrease in stress can do wonders for not only your hair but your life.

With a mix of proper care, diet, supplements, and pampering, your hair will grow into luscious locks.

How to Grow Longer Natural Hair

With these tips and tricks, you will grow longer natural hair before you know it.

Hair growth can be a process. But with these resources, you will have the tips you did to make your hair grow quickly while also maintaining its health and natural beauty.

From changing how you care for your hair to enriching your hair with supplements, there are ways to treat yourself and your hair better.

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