We want our homes to be a reflection of ourselves—our style, our tastes, and personality. To make this possible, we decorate our homes according to our taste. If you feel that it’s time to step up and upgrade your home’s interior design, but you don’t want to spend a fortune, don’t worry! There are plenty of ways to give your home a makeover starting with upcycled furniture to budget Luxury Home Décor. We’ve also come up with some tips to help you get started!

Mix and Match Textures

Using different textures together can give any space a polished, more professional appearance. If you have a leather sofa, throw in some fluffy or quilted cushions or blankets to add contrast to the smoothness of the leather. If you have a wooden entertainment center, try adding some metal accessories or books to add more personality to it.

Try to avoid mixing things with the same texture or finishes. For instance, if your coffee table is made of metal, place a wooden bowl no it instead of another metal bowl.

Place a Large Rug in Your Living Room

Rugs connect your furniture together and gives a space a bigger appearance. Go for a rug that occupies most space in the middle of the room. Lay it down in the center of the room so at least two legs of your couch stand on it.

Choose a rug with a bright color or pattern as a statement piece to give contrast to a room with neutral colors and patterns.

Use Baskets and Decorative Bowls to Hide Clutter

Stylish homes are known for being well-organized and neat, so try to hide your clutter if you want to give your home that luxurious appearance. Hide pet or kids’ toys by stashing them in a closet or basket. For items like keys and small miscellaneous articles, you can invest in decorative bowls and place them in hallways. Try to get rid of anything you don’t need while you’re at it as well.

Overstuff Your Pillows

Overstuffed pillows give off an expensive feel, just like the ones you normally find at hotels. You don’t need to spend money for such luxury home décor. What you can do is to fill throw pillow covers with inserts that are a bit larger than the covers. You can place the throw pillows on beds, sofas, armchairs, or anywhere else you want. These pillows will make you and your guests feel like you’re staying at a 5-star hotel.

If you don’t own any throw pillows, you can purchase cases and oversized inserts separately and add them to your home to upgrade your décor.

Place Curtains Higher Up on The Wall

High curtains give the appearance or illusion of a higher ceiling. You can do this by installing curtain rods close to the ceiling rather than right above the doors and windows. It would be a good idea to choose long, flowing drapes to give that luxurious feel.

Pro tip: use curtain tiebacks to add an elegant appearance surrounding the windows.

Hang Some Artwork

Adding artwork can improve the appearance of any room. It doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive artwork, you can find cheap artwork at garage sales, discount outlets, and thrift stores. Choose a few big, bold pieces and hang them up around your house to give it a classy and stylish look.

You can hang a couple of colorful still life painting of flowers, fruits, vegetables and other food in your kitchen or dining area. To make a grand statement for your foyer, you can hang a gold-framed portrait painting.

Add Plants Indoors

Plants breathe new life into a dull room. Place vases of flowers all over the house to add some color, or fill decorative bowls with potpourri, twigs, and acorns for that rustic look. For spaces with natural lighting, you might want to consider placing some planters with tropical plants in them.

A budget luxury home décor hack would be to place a bowl of artificial fruit in any room to liven up the dull, boring environment.

Antiques Add a Luxurious Feel to Your Home

Antiques tend to give homes a ‘richer’ look. If you don’t own any actual antiques, you don’t need to go and buy some. All you have to do is display items that look ‘old’. There are a lot of antique style décor and furniture that you can use.

If you have end tables on either side of your couch, adding an antique-style brass lamp on one of the tables and an old-looking metal bowl on the other would work.

Use Neutral Paint Colors

If you want your luxury home décor to stand out, use neutral colors. Neutral colors like gray, cream brown, and honey help bring attention to elegant accents in your home. These colors are quite useful on the ground floor or in areas such as the dining room and living room.

For more private rooms such as the bedroom or bathroom, you can add pops of bright colors. If you want a room to look and feel more spacious, use lighter neutral colors instead.

Paint Kitchen Appliances Stainless Steel

You can make your appliances look new and feel expensive without having to replace them. You can do this by using paint-on, liquid stainless-steel finish. Brush this onto any old kitchen appliance to bring new life to them. For instance, paint over that yellowed, refrigerator, range top, or dishwasher.

Add A Mirror Wall

Mirrors can help make any space look bigger and brighter, so hanging several decorative mirrors on the wall can be a fun, easy, and cheap way of adding a classy look to any room. A mirror wall reflects light and creates more visual square footage.

You could place the mirrors next to windows and doors leading outside. This way you can let more light in and even create the illusion of having more windows.

Restore Old Furniture or Cabinets

Restoring or refurbishing old furniture and cabinets can give them a stylish new appearance. Try sanding off old paint or finish off old kitchen cabinets or wooden shelves. Repaint or stain them in a new color to match the rest of your refurbished décor.