From time immemorial, people have been wondering how to improve the state of memory. It was especially true in antiquity when people did not yet have the opportunity to record large amounts of information on various information carriers (papyri, clay tablets, or the skins of young animals). Method of Loci appeared in ancient Greece. One of the most famous lyric poets, Simonides, actively used it. Today, this method has been given a new lease of life and is being widely used again.

What Is The Method Of Loci?

What is the method of Loci? It is a mnemonic device that improves a person’s ability to remember information. The word loci are the plural form of the word locus (i.e., location). Today, this method is widely known under a different name – mind palace. So, a person who wants to master this method must build a particular house or castle inside his or her consciousness, where all the necessary information will be stored. At first glance, this seems to be something unrealistic. However, those who decide to try it notice the result after a few weeks of training.

The Method of Loci example says you can imagine a significant building (parents’ house or your own home, work office). Think about the information you want to remember (keep it as simple as possible first). Then, mentally enter the building, go to the nearest closet or nightstand and mentally put the information on the shelf. In the future, when we look into this place, we will remember the necessary information.

How to use the Method of Loci? Key points are that you should:

• Believe that this technique is effective;

• Imagine the most familiar place for you;

• Select information and place it in the selected location.

You should choose small buildings that you know very well to start training. Then, in the future, you will be able to complete various facilities here. Later, you can turn this house into a giant palace.

Method of loci example is a list of information you want to remember in a specific order. For example, it is beneficial if you need to memorize long poems or statistical data.

How Effective Is The Method Of Loci?

For a long time, only ancient Greek thinkers proved the effectiveness of the Method of Loci, then this technique was forgotten, and only a few years ago, interest in this technique began to revive.

Now, this technique is often talked about in films and books. Many believe that this is just fiction. However, practice shows that mastering memory, like Sherlock Holmes, is quite natural. Many memorization champions, including Jonas von Essen, have used this in their approach.

How to use the Method of Loci? You can use this technique to memorize almost any information. Of course, you should not expect that the result will be noticeable after the first workout, but regular classes give excellent results. If you can’t master this technique on your own, you can use a mobile application such as memoryOS. Such applications are based on a particular style, which includes building a memory palace and improving memory, logic, and imaginative thinking.

Often workouts take 20-30 minutes. Therefore, it is vital that you are as relaxed and focused on training as possible during the training process. Don’t let everyday thoughts interfere with your learning. In addition, you need to practice every day, without days off and holidays. If you take a break, the method of Loci might not work for you.


If you want to improve your memory and structure your mind, a memory palace is a perfect solution. This technique is trendy today and has already proved its effectiveness. If you can master this, you will soon forget about memory problems. In the future, this will have a positive impact on work and hobbies and help resolve domestic issues faster.