Changing the look of your home can sound overwhelming, but it is always an exciting project to undertake. There is no official rule that changing the look calls for big renovations where you have to have walls broken down and replace fixtures like doors and windows. Starting small is always a sound idea, you don’t always have to jump into a pool of expenses. Or you can always work at it one room at a time. It really depends on how much time you have at your hands, and what your budget looks like.

Here are simple ways for you to modernize your home to make it feel more present and cozy.

The Walls

Doing a fresh coat of paint, or changing the color of the walls entirely – a lot can be done with walls in a home. They really do bring out a change in the whole look of the room. Some people opt for wallpapers on one main wall of the room, leaving the rest with a fresh white coat, while some opt for bolder shades like dark green or brown. It all really comes down to what you picture the room to look like. Whether the color would go with the furniture in the room or how the sunlight falls in through the window.

Other than just painting walls, people sometimes choose to use them as their canvas. That doesn’t mean they paint murals on them – some people would choose to if they find the right one. But what else can be done is that you can set up frames on a wall. Could be pictures of the family, could even just be someone’s photography. Or if you love art and have another painting to add to your collection then that could be hung up too.

Nonetheless, a color scheme or a planned layout always makes a room look better. And a minimal, clean look always goes a long way in making your home look chic.


Lighting fixtures can do wonders to the look of any room. If you were to replace a regular light with an LED one, you would notice the difference. Modern technology has allowed for more modern, sleek-looking lighting fixtures to be produced that instantly lift up the look of a room.

Not only is indoor lighting important, but outdoor too. Adding a lamp next to the front door, or lighting up your pathway with solar lights makes all the difference.

Smart Devices

There are so many smart devices that can be added to a home. Smart home devices are the best in automating the basic functions of a house. The only drawback is that some of them can be quite pricey. Here’s a few smart devices that can add that modern touch to your home. 

1. Voice Assistant

A voice assistant is a great addition to any household, regardless of whether there are other smart devices for it to sync with or not. On its own a Voice Assistant can pretty much do a lot of things – it is like having a virtual assistant in your home. Send text messages, place calls, check the traffic on your daily route, look up recipes, there is so much that is made easy by simple voice commands to a mini speaker that sits on a tabletop. And if you were to have other smart devices like a Smart TV, Thermostat, or Smart lights, you could control those as well with voice commands. The Google Nest Wi-Fi Point is a great device if you’re looking to purchase a Voice Assistant.

2. Smart Lights

By connecting to the home Wi-Fi, smart lights add that automated touch to any household. It is like a step up in modernizing your house. Smart lights can be controlled straight from our phones and tablets through designated mobile applications. They feature motion sensors and can have schedules, allowing you to improve the look of your home all the while saving energy.

3. Smart Door Lock

Smart Door Locks are keyless and work with a code or just by tapping your mobile device against the lock. These also use a mobile application from where they can be controlled. It makes it easier for you to lock and unlock your home with the press of a button without having to actually walk to the door yourselves. Now if that doesn’t say modernization, then what does?

Final Thoughts

There are many ways to modernize your home, some of which can easily be carried out by the members of the household themselves, while some would require professional assistance. And if you are really looking to change the entire look of your home, it’s best to do your research and see what suits your taste, or just go ahead and hire a design consultant for a little guidance.