Where public Wi-Fi is a great source of convenience and ease, it also offers potential security threats. The careless use of public Wi-Fi is not good, as it can greatly increase the risk of cyber attacks. This is because hackers can easily access your device and data while you are using public Wi-Fi. Thus, careful and responsible use of public Wi-Fi is really important. Let’s discover how to protect yourself on public Wi-Fi:

Limit Access to Sensitive Data

To ensure safety and data protection on public Wi-Fi, such as the free Wi-Fi at Manchester Airport, restrict access to sensitive information. Whether you’re in a library or a coffee shop utilizing open Wi-Fi, exposing all sensitive data can pose risks. Therefore, to stay secure and thwart cyber attacks, refrain from accessing sensitive data like account details and crucial emails.

Verify Network Legitimacy

All public Wi-Fi’s are not real. Sometimes scammers create fake Wi-Fi’s to trap you. Their basic purpose is to access your device without letting you know and to hack and steal your important data. So, verifying the network’s legitimacy before connecting to it is really important and effective. This will protect you from connecting to any fake network and will keep your device and data safe and protected. This authenticity check should always be your priority before connecting to the Wi-Fi.

Enable 2Factor Authentication

Enabling two-factor authentication is also a good way to stay protected and safe while using public Wi-Fi such as, Pret A Manger WiFi. This method adds more security compared to using only a single password. The two-factor authentication does not let anyone access your device without entering the additional key. So, with this method, hackers cannot access your device, and you remain protected while using any public Wi-Fi.

Limit File Sharing

While using any public Wi-Fi, you must limit the file sharing. As most of the public Wi-Fi’s are not secure and safe, it is better to not share important files. This is because viruses can enter your system and can cause harm. Moreover, hackers can also access and steal your important files.

Forget the network After Stop Using

Lastly, forgetting the public Wi-Fi network after stopping using it is also a simple yet effective strategy. This will greatly help you in securing your data. This strategy, although seems really simple, however, it is important and worthy as it will prevent your device from automatically reconnecting in the future.