The topic of this article is how to recover photos from an SD card. SD cards are one of the prominent storage devices. Data storage devices are essential for saving data significant to you. To store data, we employ SD cards in mobiles, laptops, tablets, cameras, etc. SD cards are relatively convenient for storing photos, but there is a chance that you could lose your data for any number of reasons. Unfortunately, that is quite common. Hence, it is pretty likely that you would look for photo recovery software at least once. There is numerous data recovery software available, but we are looking for the most effective one for this job.

Part 1: How photo recovery works?

There are plenty of ways of losing photos from an SD card. You could lose them by;

• accidentally formatting your SD card

• you might have deleted them by blunder

• the SD card gets corrupted

• or there is some virus attack

Nonetheless, you are reading this article because you hope to recover photos from an SD card that you might have lost.

The comforting news is that you do not lose your files permanently even after deleted from the SD card. According to the data recovery principle, your files remain as long as you do not take any action to read or overwrite the SD card. Data recovery critically depends on the actions you take just after realizing that you have lost valuable data. Recovering photos from an SD card require you to avoid overwriting them; because even the best photo recovery software wouldn’t save your images. It is not stressed enough that you should do everything in your power to make sure that there is no overwriting of the SD card, increasing your chance of recovering data precious to you.

The best way is to stop using the SD card instantly once the data is lost. Please take out your SD card and connect it to the computer with installed photo recovery software.

Recovering photos from the SD card is completely safe. The software works in the read-only mode, ensuring no alteration in the original data. It works to find the data after the virtually restructuring file system.

Part 2:  How to Recover Deleted Photos from SD card

This article will revolve around how to perform photo recovery by utilizing data recovery software. Wondershare Recoverit data recovery software is a free and best tool for all your data loss problems. It recovers photos from SD cards and retrieves lost pictures and data from computers, memory cards, hard drives, digital cameras, USB flash drives, etc. It possesses explicit data recovery modes, i.e., specifically designed to cater to data loss circumstances such as accidental deletions, file corruption, formatted hard drives, malware attacks, lost partitions, computer systems, and emptied recycling bin or Mac trash, etc.

If you ever find yourself indulged in a situation where you are wondering, “how do I recover deleted photos from my SD card?” feel free to download and install Recoverit data recovery software and follow the basic steps mentioned below. In no time, photo recovery would not be a problem anymore.

Step 1: Launching Recoverit and Selecting Hard Disk Drive

After downloading and installing, click on the Wondershare Recoverit software icon on your desktop to launch the program.

After launching, select the location (in this case, SD card) where you lost or deleted your photos accidentally, and click the ‘start button to initiate the scanning process.

Step 2: Scanning the Deleted Photos

Wondershare Recoverit free photo recovery software will start a quick scan to look for the deleted photos. You can review the pictures once the scanning is complete.

Step 3: Previewing and Recovering the Deleted Photos

After the completion of scanning, with the previewing feature, you can take a look at the recovered photos, and if you are satisfied with the outcome of the software, you are now ready to download them. Navigate to the ‘recover’ button and click on it to retrieve your photos.

Recoverit photo recovery software works magically, and by following these three basic, simple steps, you will be able to recover photos from your SD card without any difficulty.

Part 3:  Tips for Keeping Memory Cards Healthy

We all are well aware of the significance of memory cards in our daily lives. They are the sources of storing many videos and photos in digital cameras and mobile phones. These portable gadgets have many advantages, such as they can be used in multiple devices, carry vast amounts of data, and makes transference of data accessible.

Any deficit in SD cards means losing valuable data; therefore, they must be kept safe and sound. By taking some basic precautions (discussed below), we can avoid these devices’ malfunction and the need for data/photo recovery.

Format the new memory card in your camera

It is advisable to format the memory card immediately after buying it. It is a common notion that new SD cards are already formatted and ready to use, but reformatting will prepare the card according to the device’s (such as cameras) hardware and avoid any harm.

Eject the card safely

One of the simplest but still most overlooked ways to prevent SD card damage is either turning off the camera before ejecting the card or improperly removing it once attached to the computer. These careless actions can be highly detrimental to the memory card and ultimately to the data stored. Hence, make sure to eject your card safely and with the proper procedure to avoid photo recovery.

Avoid Filling your SD card

Trying to take photos even after the card is up to its total capacity can create writing issues, i.e., damaging the card and the already captured data. Therefore, make sure to empty your card daily and restrain from over-filling it.

Keep it Safe from Environmental factors

It is the most non-technical and easy way of keeping your card safe. By following some straightforward tips such as keeping your card in a case (bonus if the covering-case is water-proof), protecting it away from any moisture exposure or extreme temperatures, and carefully handling it can save it from all sorts of environmental harms.

Compatibility Concerns

For the card to work best and for a long-time, keep in mind the compatibility concerns the card can face. Make sure not to share your card with multiple devices and users. Start labeling your card to remind yourself which device it’s friendly with. If sharing is essential, do not forget to keep your data safe someplace else, and reformatting it before using it.


SD cards are the need of this time and era; therefore, their safety is equally important. You can avoid damage to your SD card in the first place by following the tips mentioned above. But in case you still face a memory card malfunctioning and photo recovery is the only option, then Wondershare Recoverit comes to safety. This free data recovery software recovers photos from an SD card in three basic steps and with great ease. This tool is one of the best photo recovery software 2021 for recovering lost or deleted data as it parallelly supports RAW and lost partition recovery. Besides, it is entirely free and works well for both Windows and Mac.