Did you know that even the mildest form of dehydration can cause emotional and physical problems within your body? That’s why it’s important to stay hydrated, especially during the hottest parts of the year.

Another huge benefit of drinking lots of water is the fact that it makes staying cool on a hot summer day that much easier. Knowing lifehacks like that is how to stay cool and beat the heat on even the warmest of summer days.

So, what are the best tips and tricks that you can use to keep cool on a hot afternoon? And how can you make your home more comfortable for you and your family during the summertime?

We’ve got answers to those two questions, plus more helpful information, in this article!

Now then, let’s get started!

1. Stay Hydrated by Drinking Lots of Water

Again, one of the best ways to stay cool and beat the heat during the hot summer months is to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Not only does drinking lots of water come loaded with other health benefits, but it can also help you combat the heat.

Sure, you can mix in a cold lemonade or your favorite soda every now and then for a special treat. But if you want to get the best results, stick with iced water and drink it often throughout the day.

2. Take Cold Showers in the Afternoon

If you’re at home, and you can’t seem to beat the heat, hop in a cold shower. This will no doubt cool you off, if only for a little bit, and can help you get more comfortable on the hottest of days.

The best part is, you won’t have to worry about running out of hot water because you won’t be using any!

Once you’re out of the shower, take advantage of being cooler and start drinking some ice-cold water. This will help you stay cooler longer, as well as make you feel more energized and alert.

3. Use Box Fans to Better Circulate Air

On a hot summer day, your ceiling fan is your best friend. Having that air circulation can be just enough to keep you from feeling like you’re about to melt when sitting on your couch watching a movie.

If you’re in a room without a ceiling fan, or want to get even more air circulating, pick up a few box fans. These fans are quiet, don’t use a ton of power, and can really cool you off when set up nearby.

A pro tip? Sleep with a box fan pointing directly at you from a few feet away. It might be a bit noisy, but it makes staying cool at night so you can get plenty of rest for the next day that much easier.

4. Use Blackout Curtains to Insulate Your Windows Better

When you’ve got lots of windows in your house, the heat that comes from them can be too much to handle. That sunlight exposure, while nice, can really heat up your room and cause your AC to run all day, which is expensive.

Sure, closing your blinds can help, but that’s only going to do so much. The best way to insulate your windows and block the sun out during the day is to utilize blackout curtains.

These curtains are affordable, effective, and can be pulled back whenever you want some sunlight. They also help you insulate your home and keep it warmer in the winter, making the decision to pick up a few that much easier.

Again, these curtains can help make your room cooler, and thus, help your AC unit out quite a bit. That can save you tons of cash over the summer, as well as prolong the life of your AC unit.

5. Enjoy Frozen Snacks During the Day

If you’re tired of drinking water all day, and you want to satisfy your sweet tooth and cool off at the same time, try eating a frozen snack. Ice cream and popsicles are without a doubt the best choices, and believe it or not, they can actually cool your body temperature down quite a bit.

If you want a more healthy choice, there are plenty of delicious snacks that you can choose from that will allow you to stick to your diet and cool off at the same time. Just make sure you keep these ingredients stocked up in your freezer so you don’t have to go outside and to the store to pick them up, getting that much hotter in the process.

6. Dress for the Heat When Inside Your Home

Another creative way to beat the heat in the summertime is to dress for the part. Even when you’re indoors, wearing lighter, summer clothes can help keep you cool and make you feel more comfortable in your home.

Things like tank tops and lightweight shorts are great options. Avoiding wearing socks and hats indoors can help you stay cooler, too.

How to Stay Cool in the Heat: A Guide

Well, there you have it! That is a guide on how to stay cool in the heat of the summer! So, as long as you keep these ideas in mind, you should find yourself a bit more comfortable on those hot days going forward!

Remember, staying hydrated is an absolute must if you want to keep cool in the summer. It’s also a great way to be healthier, which is all the more reason to drink more water each day.

Dressing the part and finding creating ways to cool your house down can help keep you and your loved ones more comfortable indoors as well.

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