Each marijuana plant starts as seeds, and all of them need primary necessities like water and light to grow properly. Every seed has a full, small plant that has a stem, root, and a few leaves. It also contains nutrients inside the seed so that it can survive the early parts of its life.

As long as it is legal where you live, one clear advantage of nurturing plants from seeds is that it is a lot less expensive than purchasing them from a shop. Additionally, numerous plants produce a lot of seed which you can harvest and sow to grow more plants.

Tips on Caring for Your Seeds

You can purchase already grown plants in a shop; however, it tends to be significantly more entertaining to cultivate them from seed personally. It’s also reasonably easy to acquire seeds. However, if you want to purchase high-quality seeds like Auto Widow, Gorilla Glue, White Widow; THC Bomb Feminized; etc., you might want to hit up MSNL. After you’ve purchased the seeds you need, starting to grow your marijuana plant is simple. Just follow these essential tips while developing and planting your seeds.

Adequate Water

Water is needed for both a marijuana plant’s germination and life, making it the most crucial part of growing a plant. You must provide plants with a lot of water and keep the dirt moist. Plants that do not get adequate water will respond by not developing to its full capacity. Marijuana plants resort to this method to increase its capability to survive.

An excessive amount of water can also make the plants lose essential oxygen. Its leaves will begin to wilt, and its development medium will also become increasingly defenseless to bacteria and diseases. However, the dirt still needs to remain reasonably dry and not thoroughly drenched.

The seedlings do not need tons of water. However, a great deal of the water evaporates quickly. This is the primary reason why it isn’t recommended to place marijuana seeds on a windowsill or close to a heater. Sprinkling the marijuana plants 1-2 times daily is enough for it to grow healthy.

Enough Light

Other than water, light is another crucial part of a Marijuana plant’s development. Water and light contribute to the conversion of carbon dioxide into glucose and oxygen—vital resources for a plant’s growth. If a marijuana plant doesn’t get enough light, it will develop fewer side branches and will stretch unusually. This will help the marijuana plant to become taller and get enough light.

Marijuana plants that get adequate light will become wider and not taller. They will also produce a lot of side branches with a large number of buds. To keep your plant healthy, keep the light on for 24 hours daily, and keep the room temperature to a consistent 72° Fahrenheit.

Cool white CFL light should be placed 2 inches above the pots containing the marijuana seed. This type of light doesn’t emit that much warmth. They also utilize the perfect light spectrum for marijuana seedlings to grow. Each seedling requires 3 to 5 watts. After 5 to 10 days, the marijuana plant will surface, and they will need all the light they can get.

Keep Records

Regardless of whether you are growing a couple of plants for your home garden or working at a bigger plant nursery, building up a propagation record will deem essential in your plant cultivation success.

Recording your observations will assist you in making adjustments every time you grow marijuana from seeds. It will also guarantee that you are developing your plants under ideal conditions. You can also monitor where you buy seeds, as their reliability and quality may differ by source.


A seed’s nutrient level is already enough to help it survive, so you should utilize soil with fewer nutrients. Soil made explicitly for clones and seedlings, which has a low amount of nutrients, is preferable.

To make the hole to put your marijuana seed, utilize the tip of your finger or a pen to create a half-inch hole. Each seed needs to have its pot. Since the roots will consistently develop downwards, you don’t need to stress on how you place the seeds in the dirt.

Bury the seed in the hole and sprinkle it with water so that it will naturally tamp down. Remember not to press the soil down. Note that the plant’s development period will continue until it begins to rise within seven days.


When the seedlings start to surface, it’s fundamental to assess the distance between the light and the plant. Change the lights if the leaves begin absorbing too much light or when the temperature exceeds 72° Fahrenheit. The dirt should also hold enough moisture. The marijuana plant’s leaves are capable of absorbing water, so keep sprinkling them water two times a day.

This stage in a marijuana plant’s life makes it easily harmed by adverse conditions. Try not to utilize a load of nutrients and ensure that the lights remain on for 24 hours to provide a consistent temperature. Try not to touch the plants and remember not to remove the seed skins attached to the leaves. Marijuana plants need these skins to develop and grow robust root systems.


Although growing marijuana requires consistent observation, money, time, and effort, it can still be a pleasant and rewarding task and a great way to secure your marijuana plants close by. Through growing your marijuana, you will also be sure of its quality and that it was nurtured in the best environment.