How to use organic castile liquid soap for ideal skin

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Can ideal skin be more than just an aspiration? We think so! Developing a daily routine can be easier than you think when using a base ingredient.

There are several ways on how to use organic castile liquid soap for ideal skin, including a daily face foaming cleanser, a cleansing honey body wash, makeup cleanser wipes, and nourishing shave cream.

Daily facial foaming cleanser

From the N-essentials team, a simple recipe comprising of organic castile liquid soap and essential oils can be found below.

This foaming cleanser recipe is great for oily to normal skins and is mild enough to use as a daily natural skincare regimen.


• 1-part organic castile liquid soap

• 4 parts distilled/demineralized water

• 2 drops Bergamot essential oil

• 2 drops Sweet Orange essential oil

• 2 drops Tea Tree essential oil


• Add essentials oils with the castile liquid soap into a clean foaming pump bottle

• Shake all ingredients together. Then add the distilled water into the mixture and shake again.

• Final mixture MUST be water-thin in order for the pump bottle to work at its best. Add more or less distilled water accordingly.

Shake before each use.

Both bergamot and tea tree essential oils have antibacterial properties and as such, help to combat oily skin and acne. Sweet orange oil has cleansing properties and along with the castile liquid soap, helps to naturally cleanse the skin.

Cleansing honey body wash

Continuing the organic liquid castile soap and essential oils trend,  adding honey and jojoba oil produces a cleansing honey body wash.

This cleansing body wash with honey cleans and conditions the entire body leaving your skin looking fresh and healthier.


• 1 cup water

• 1 cup organic castile liquid soap

• ¼ cup honey

• 3 teaspoons jojoba oil

• 5 drops lavender essential oil

• 5 drops bergamot essential oil

• 5 drops lemongrass essential oil


• Add essential oils in with the castile liquid soap into a clean glass mixing bowl. Stir well.

• Now add the jojoba oil and honey into the mixture and stir well.

• Finally, add the water and stir.

Once mixed well, pour into a squirt bottle and store in a cool dark place until ready to use.

Shake before each use.

Both bergamot and lavender essential oils have cleansing and antibacterial properties and as such, help to naturally cleanse the skin. Lemongrass essential oil is a natural deodoriser with its refreshing and cooler fragrance. Jojoba oil is an effective skin conditioner and works well as a cleanser as it gently unclogs pores and cleans away dirt. And lastly, honey is extremely moisturising and soothing that gives your skin a glowing look.

Makeup cleanser wipes

The below recipe acts as a natural alternative to makeup remover wipes containing harsh chemicals that leave your skin all dry and brittle. This easy-to-follow recipe shows you how to make your own homemade makeup remover wipes containing natural ingredients.


• 1/2 teaspoon glycerine

• 1 tablespoon organic castile liquid soap

• 3 tablespoons fractionated coconut oil

• 2 cups distilled water (can be purchased at the supermarket)

• 1/2 teaspoon natural vitamin E oil

• 10 drops lavender essential oil

• Cotton pads

• 1 airtight glass jar with lid

• Glass mixing bowl


• Add the glycerine, castile liquid soap, fractionated coconut oil, distilled water and vitamin E oil to a glass mixing bowl. Stir to combine well.

• Then add the lavender essential oil to the mixture. Mix well.

• Stack the glass jar with cotton pads.

• Pour the mixture over the cotton pads that are in the glass jar.

• Seal the glass jar tightly and store in a dark cool place. The mixture should last for a few weeks.

Nourishing shaving cream

Shaving creams act as a protection to ensure less abrasion and reducing redness and skin irritation. Try this nourishing shaving cream as a natural alternative to commercially-available shaving cream for use on the legs and face of both men and women.


• ¼ cup coconut oil RBD

• ¼ cup organic Castile liquid soap

• 2 tablespoons unrefined organic shea butter

• 2 teaspoons sodium bicarbonate

• 5 drops geranium essential oil


• Melt down the shea butter and coconut oil RBD together in a double boiler on the stove on low heat, or in a microwave, until the mixture turns into a runny liquid.

• Transfer to a glass mixing bowl and add the rest of the ingredients into this mixture.

• Whip the mixture using a hand mixer until soft and fluffy.

• Store in a dark glass jar with a wide neck.

• To use, scoop out the mixture and lather onto the legs or face as you would any other shaving cream. Shave as usual.

How to use:

• Sterilize the shaving brush in warm water.

• Gently apply the shaving cream on the brush and lather.

• Apply to the desired part of the body.

Buy natural castile liquid soap

Organic and biodegradable, Castile liquid soap, also known as castille liquid soap, provides an excellent alternative to a traditional facial cleanser. Included natural ingredients such as coconut oil and other non-toxic biodegradable components take the place of the harsh chemicals typically found in liquid soaps.

Get the most from your liquid soap with our foaming pump bottles. Simply by adding 1 part soap to 4 parts water, you can make your liquid soap last even longer! You can even opt to add essential oils or fragrances if you wish.

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