The innocuous and non-descript t-shirt is one of the most well-utilized pieces of clothing in many of our wardrobes. Comfortable and classic, it’s never going to go out of style. And as a piece of casual wear, it’s absolutely iconic.

But just because t-shirts are easy to wear doesn’t mean that there aren’t better ways to wear them. A t-shirt can work in a more diverse variety of situations than you might imagine, and you could tighten up your look with just a few changes to how you pick out and wear your t-shirts. Here’s what you need to know.

Find the Ideal Fit

A t-shirt is supposed to compliment your existing features. It’s not supposed to stick to every ounce of muscle or fat. Instead, a good t-shirt is about flattering and magnifying the existing lines of your body.

The seam should be positioned directly at the peak of your shoulder’s curve. When you raise your arms, it shouldn’t bunch up too much at the shoulder or expose too much of your stomach. It should go past the waistband naturally. Movement should always feel comfortable.

Consider the Quality

“T-shirt” doesn’t have to be synonymous with low-quality. And the market for high-quality t-shirts is huge. The real question to ask yourself when shopping for t-shirts is whether you want linen or cotton. Both offer their own distinct charms.

Cotton’s a mainstay that’s easy to clean, long-lasting, and simple to just toss on and wear out. But linen’s been getting a decent amount of attention lately as well. The crumpled look lends them a very stylish charm, and they tend to be loud in a way that makes them great centerpieces for a whole outfit.

Work a Style

T-shirts can be as easy as you want them to be. If they’re both fitted well, a good t-shirt and pair of jeans are a classic but formidable fashion statement in their own right. But that’s just the template you can use to build out a wide variety of outfits.

The boldest but possibly most exciting route we’ve seen in the past few years is the pairing of t-shirts with suits. There is a need, of course, for the quality to match the occasion. But t-shirts are an increasingly viable choice for layering underneath a suit coat. You can obviously ditch the tie.

Once you start to get more casual, your options for layering start to expand significantly. An unstructured blazer can do a lot of heavy lifting in a lot of different situations, and a single blazer can get a lot more done when you have a decent selection of t-shirts to pair it with. T-shirts can also work well with just about any jacket or coat. They’re true fashion workhorses.

Matching T-Shirts to Pants

You don’t have to go with completely muted outfits, but there are generally some rules you should keep in mind when working with more flamboyant prints. Most importantly, match muted bottoms to brightly patterned t-shirts and vice versa.

Horizontal lines are in — vertical, not so much. The latter isn’t very flattering for most bodies. The former can bring a lot of style to an outfit. And you can express a lot of personality through the thickness, color, and style of stripes that you wear. Just be sure to always pair them with solid pants.

Make it Work

The most important thing even when wearing basic t-shirts is to just be confident. The t-shirt that works for you is the t-shirt that makes you feel the most comfortable.  Sizing and styling may be important, but rocking your distinct style is even more important.