The DIY approach can be fun, especially in low stakes situations. If you can’t make your wallpaper pattern line up perfectly, you can always call in some help. If you can’t replace your faucet without creating a leak, just keep the water turned off until help arrives. If you mess up your electrical, your entire house can catch fire or you can electrocute yourself in the process. One of these things is not like the other.

Before you (or your friend who claims to be handy) gets to work on your electrical, consider the stakes. It’s not that the results have the potential to be aesthetically unpleasant. It’s that the results have the potential of being extremely dangerous.

Bad Electrical Work Can Put You In Serious Danger

Electricity is a very strong force. It’s so strong that most states still offer it as a method of execution for capital punishment. An improperly wired home can put your entire family at serious risk. Wiring that was never meant to handle 120 volts can easily lead to a fire. Replacing an electrical panel with a cheaper model that isn’t equipped to handle a home’s usage can lead to damage to the home’s electronics and appliances.

If something goes wrong, you have no sense of recourse. There’s absolutely nothing you can do. Your homeowner’s insurance will likely argue with you. Insurance companies remain profitable by consistently collecting much more than they pay. They’re always looking for ways to tell you that whatever happened was your fault.

After an electrical fire, an expert comes out to inspect the scene. If it’s discovered that faulty wiring or a shoddy electrical job is responsible for the disaster, guess what? Your insurance company is going to blame you for putting yourself at risk. They will hold onto every penny that they can, and this will result in an overwhelmingly expensive and extremely devastating situation for you. Some risks are never worth taking.

What Arizona Law Requires of Licensed Electricians

The state of Arizona holds the bar high for electricians. In order to become a licensed Tucson electrician, you’re required to have at least four years of experience without serious complaints or incidents. You have to prove that you’re applying the best practices to every job consistently for a substantial amount of time before you’re even allowed to apply for an electrical contractor license.

These licenses have to be renewed every two years. As new technology becomes prevalent and research leads to new safety standards, every licensed electrician needs to be made aware of these changes. Tucson electricians are not in a position to become complacent with their knowledge and stick to older methods. They have to keep learning.

The Safety and Security That Comes with Hiring a Licensed Electrician

Reputable electrical contracting companies will usually offer warranties on materials and labor for at least a year. Their contractors must be licensed, insured, and bonded. In the rare event that something goes askew, you have a clear plan of action. That sense of recourse is completely off the table when you allow someone without the proper credentials to go meddling in your fuse box.

If you’re aware the person you hired is not a licensed contractor, you won’t see a dime. If this person misrepresented themselves as a licensed contractor and you didn’t request their credentials, all you can do is sue them. Good luck getting your money.

Ensuring Your Electrical Work is Up To Code

Licensed electricians perform all electrical work up to code. There are no workarounds or “band-aid” methods of fixing your electrical. If you attempt to fix your electrical yourself or if you hire an unlicensed contractor to do it, chances are, your wiring won’t be up to code.

The fact that your wiring isn’t up to code may not be a practical problem if everything works fine. Not seeing signs of damage or malfunction doesn’t mean that something can’t go wrong at any moment. If you ever decide to sell your house, the person buying it is going to want to have it inspected. If that inspector discovers that your wiring leaves much to be desired, you’ll ultimately wind up paying the price.

Don’t Learn Your Lesson the Hard Way

You need safe and functional electricity in your home. It’s exceedingly difficult to live your life without it. It’s best not to take chances with someone willing to do you a favor or cut you a deal. You have too much to lose if things go wrong. Even if you aren’t paying for it now, you may be paying for it later. Don’t wait to find out exactly how much you’re paying when a disaster strikes. Hire a licensed electrical contractor to cut problems off at the pass.