Auto insurance should be your first consideration when looking to buy a vehicle.

There are many factors that companies use to determine the premium that you’ll be paying for insurance. Things like age, gender, the location that you live in, and claims history will all influence your insurance premium.

Another factor that affects your premium is the frequency the insured vehicle is used. The math is relatively simple for this one. The less you use a car, the fewer chances of being involved in an accident.

This article will give a brief overview of insurance on vehicles that aren’t used regularly.

Classic or Vintage Cars

Some eccentric people drive expensive vintage cars every day. However, most of us only use them occasionally, over weekends, or during the warmer summer months.

A classic car, generally, is a car that is between 20 and 40 years old. Your insurer may have different rules, but most clubs and associations accept that age for a car to be seen as a classic.

An antique car would be a car that is older than 45 years of age, and vintage cars are pre-war; in other words, built in the 1920s and 1930s.

Your insurance company will have a list of standards to comply with in order for your vehicle to qualify for more affordable premiums for an infrequent, weekend, or seasonal use for your classic, antique, or vintage motor vehicle.

Off-Road Vehicles

The Jeep Wrangler has been a mainstay of off-roading passion in North America for many decades, and many other manufacturers have tapped in on this growing market.

Many people don’t use their off-road vehicles as daily drivers and can therefore speak with their insurer to adjust the rates for those vehicles.

Off-road vehicles aren’t only limited to road-legal SUVs, either. The side-by-side ATV that you use for hunting, the snowmobile for winter, and the dirt bike for weekend fun are all seen as off-road vehicles that can qualify for specialized insurance.

Since this type of coverage caters specifically for vehicles in the use they’re intended for; it could mean that you’d get a reduction in premium, although this isn’t a guarantee.

Speak to your broker to see what options you have for your off-road vehicle insurance.



There are many ways to save on your auto insurance premiums, just as there are various factors that guide the way your insurer establishes the premiums you’ll pay.

If you have a classic or vintage vehicle, your insurer could give you a reduced premium as it only gets used on weekends or in the summer.

Your off-road vehicle, including your SUV, dirt bike, ATV, and snowmobile, may all be entitled to specialized insurance premiums due to casual use.

Saving on your insurance premium shouldn’t be a headache. However, applying some thought to it could help you save valuable dollars each year while giving you the best coverage.

Why not contact your broker today to see how you can save?