A pet makes life brighter, funnier and more interesting. It is enough to look through the videos on the Internet with pets to make sure that they are still artists. They know how to cheer up and share their positive energy. Therefore, before going to the pet store, you need to solve such issues for yourself:

1. Are you ready to take full responsibility for the animal? This is not a toy that you can give, give away, return or throw away. An animal is not a human being, but it is a living soul. It also can be painful or fun. It also knows how to love. Therefore, an animal should not be taken in the mood, but forever.

2. Are you ready to become an animal parent? It will need to be fed, to provide it with leisure and walks, to solve problems with the toilet. It will be impossible to bring it to the house as part of the interior, it will need to pay attention and care.

3. It will be necessary to provide safety to him and others.  If the choice fell on the cat, then try not to disturb its neighbors.  And do not let go of snakes, spiders alone on the street, and sometimes they try to leave the vents. Love animals, but without fanaticism, so that they do not disturb others.

4. If you are ready to solve all these organizational measures for the maintenance of an animal, then answer the most important question. Will you be able to love an animal as a member of your family? After all, for a pet you will be like a god on whom he will hope and love. If you do not love him, then you will only be annoyed with the duty to care for him, to feed him. There will be no joy for the owner or the animal.

5. Are you ready to take care of the animal’s health. After all, animals can pick up fleas or ringworm. You need to control in order to avoid such troubles, because in this case, the animal becomes dangerous for humans. Regular veterinary check-ups are essential for both cat and dog health.

6. You will have to keep to the mode. Especially if you are going to get a dog. You should walk with it twice a day and at least half an hour to play or train. For some breeds this is not enough – for example, cheerful likes need at least three, or better, four or five hours of active exercise per day. Otherwise, the dog will get bored, chew on furniture and walls, or maybe get depressed or sick. To have more time for your pet, try using this service.

7. For most “normal” dogs it may be enough to walk shorter, but this still means that you will have to get up early and certainly come home in the evening even from the funniest party. The situation with cats is simple, but they also need to follow the feeding and play mode – although it may be convenient for a person to dump a lot of dry food and go for a few days, it will not help the well-being of the pet.

8. The boundaries of the animal must be respected. Dogs and cats are not immediately attached to the owner. Puppies bite painfully in the first months, kittens scratch (by the way, you can’t let them play with your hand in any case, otherwise you will have to pay with bloody wounds for the rest of your life). They usually become caressing only closer to the year. In addition, each animal has its own character. It is impossible to guess what kind of puppy or kitten will grow up: it may be easy or independent, calm or energetic, but in any case, it will have its own tastes and needs – and you just have to accept them.

Not all animals like to sit on their hands, but in no case you should impose a ‘hug’ on the pet: it has boundaries that should be respected if you want the cat or dog to be happy. What we understand as an expression of love, an animal can be perceived as an attempt to limit its movements, and this leads to stress. For example, it’s better to miss the cat on the fly once it’s in your sight – it’s better to put your hand up slowly first to see what your cat is in a mood and whether he’s ready to be stroked.