Health is important at any age. But one of the most crucial times for getting pure and organic nutrients into a diet is when you are feeding your baby! That is why while you are still pregnant, a healthy pregnancy thinking about how to feed your baby is very important as all moms around the world want to have a healthy baby.

There are so many baby formula brands that provide an alternative to breastfeeding. But not all offer premium ingredients that are just as healthy as your breastmilk!

That is why organic brands like the Bobbie baby formula are making a real impact in the market, as they are offering parents a healthy alternative that gives parents confidence their baby is getting all the nutrients and minerals they need.

But why does the organic label really matter for baby formula? And is there really a difference in the quality it provides?

Here are five reasons why the organic baby formula is better and why all parents should consider using only this to feed their babies.

1. The ingredients are pure

Many baby formulas use additives or synthetic ingredients to create the baby formula. This is often because it is a cost-effective way but not always the best in regards to your baby’s health. Most non-organic formulas use ingredients like an artificial sweetener to make their product more delicious. But this often can cause serious digestive problems for your baby. Organic formulas, on the other hand, use only pure and natural sweeteners that can make the formula taste just as delicious but in a way that keeps your baby healthy and feeling great!

2. They are jam-packed with nutrients

Organic baby formulas are often jam-packed with essential nutrients—including the right dose of vitamins and minerals. This is essential because your baby needs to be getting the right dose to help their body grow and become stronger. The organic formulas go the extra mile to really understanding and researching the perfect balance of all ingredients with healthy outcomes being the number one driver of all their decisions.

3. They help with cognitive development

Nutrition is a driving force for a baby’s cognitive development. With a premium focus on nutrition, organic baby formulas are thus able to deliver more nutrients like Omega-3 fatty acids to the brain. When your baby gets enough of the right nutrients delivered to their brain, they are able to not only learn better but can help their brain stay protected against mental health disorders in the long run.

4. They offer a solution for baby allergies

Some babies develop allergies right from the get-go. But don’t fear if this is the case, as organic baby formulas are designed to help with this. Some babies have allergies to cow’s milk that can cause digestive issues. That’s where many organic baby formulas come into play, as they use substitute milk formulas like soy that ensure your baby still gets the nutrients needed without the resulting gastro issues. You and your baby will both be happier because of this!

5. They don’t use chemicals

Did you know that the majority of packaged food at the grocery store has some traces of chemicals or GMOs in the food? No parent wants to be fuelling their baby with this and organic baby formula offers an alternative option! They are full of prebiotics and probiotics to help fight off any bad bacteria and ensure the cleanest paddock to plate process is adhered by in the making of the formula.

While there are many quality baby formula brands out there, the premium option to consider is the organic baby formula. This is because you will get peace of mind that you are feeding your baby only natural ingredients, their brains and body will develop at an optimal pace, they will be protected against any allergies and consume little to no chemicals ever!